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Taking A Moment To See The Real Beauty

Hello everyone & Happy Sunday. I hope you have had a restful weekend full of joy, laughter & maybe even some antiquing. I want to share with you something that I saw & well felt as I was styling our front door for some content. Read along & hopefully, this has happened to you before.

Saturday morning, the sun was shining bright here at Country Chic Homes. As I hurried through my morning weekend chores, I knew I needed to get some content & pictures, as it had been a while since the sun shined in the morning that I could capture content with. I started taking pictures of our dining table, but I quickly noticed that the sun was towards the front of the room at our front door. I had nothing prepared, nor did I know what exactly I would be using, but I knew I could pull it off with only a few things. I decided to let the sunshine in & I opened the front door; a breath of hope came through. I didn't realize what was happening behind me as I moved pieces from our entryway toward the front of the door. I placed our vintage picking bucket filled with eucalyptus, cherry blossoms & some white dahlias. I brought over the vintage basket that was in the corner, that is never shown for whatever the reason. I even opened up our Spring doormat, which I have yet to share with anyone. It's a beautiful mat full of color & Peter Rabbit in the middle.

As I set down the doormat on the ground, I started to notice what had been happening as I was creating a last-minute space. The babies of CCH had come to see & watch, but it was more than just that. What has been the longest winter in California, Pepper & Noodle had come to see the sunshine & feel the warmth in our home & on our souls. As Pepper approached the door, he was greeted by the new smells of Spring & maybe someone enjoying their breakfast on their porch as the sun had brought out our neighbors too; some were enjoying their breakfast, some a cup of coffee & our friendly neighbor next door had her sun hat on as she was tending to her lovely flower garden. She is the one who helps us with the few plants that we do have. Noodle soon joined her brother & just like Pepper, she smelled all the Spring scents & the sun warmed her coat as she perched on the threshold. I quickly grabbed my camera & started to record them & snap photos. I soon realized that the focal point was no longer the baskets or the new doormat, but instead, these two had come to join in on what would be a fantastic moment for us.

A yorkie & spring flowers
Oh Hey Pepper! I have linked the doormat to this picture. Hehe Pepper is un~linkable.

As I have been struggling with the recent weather & wishing for the sun to come out & for warmer days, I didn't realize that so were they. They, too, had the Winter Blues. The moment when I opened the front door, it gave all of us at Country Chic Homes hope & the welcoming of a new season & new beginnings together. To them, it was outdoor play time & Pepper would soon be able to shed his layers of jackets & jammies. Noodle would be able to roll around & make her acrobatic moves on the ground & be my crazy girl.

When I went to edit my content for Sunday's share on Instagram & I looked for the appropriate music, I came across the sweetest message from Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh, " If there ever is a tomorrow when we are not together, there's something you must remember Your braver than you believe, & stronger than you seem & smarter than you think, but the most important thing is even if we ever part I will always be with you." ~ A.A Milne. The message was fitting. To some, Pepper & Noodle are just a dog & a cat. Well, I am sure if you're here then you're a part of The CCH family, you know that they're the hearts of our home. They give us light even in our darkest moments; they share our biggest joys & today, I gave them the greatest gift, that the sun will always shine even when we think it might not, even on the longest winter experienced.

A few uncut pictures of what I saw in Pepper & Noodle.
yorkie playing in the sun
Hey Mom!
A moment to remember.

When Noodle came & noticed the sun

A cat in spring flowers
My sweet girl. I can only imagine what she is thinking about.

The look of happiness.

What I was trying to capture. But little did I know, that I would be capturing so much more.

If your days have been long & need some encouraging light, head over to today's Instagram post to see too Pepper & Noodle's reaction.

Please have a wonderful week ahead, my darlings.


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