• Ali

That One Space...

Let's jump right into it, do you have that one space in your home that you love to style but getting that perfect photo is difficult to get?

Well, I sure do, our mantle in our living room is one of my favorite spaces to create & a perfect mantle style, but I don't think the photos show it off well. It is on the south side of the room & gets light from both sides of the room, so lighting isn't the problem. It's the position of where it's at, right between our TV / TV hole & our window. The mantle is right under the TV & across & butts up right to the window too. I first should have said, we are in a rental & so moving things around or adding a different mantle style is not optional. Here's what I would change, I would start by covering the TV hole, changing the mantle style with a vintage one, removing the faux gas fireplace & make it into a wood-burning fireplace, remove the hideous tile. Well, that went well, haha I just told you exactly what I don't like about this space. I have given the hearth a cozy vibe by adding tons of pillar candles & two corbels surrounding it. The window, I actually like it. I would change out the renter-grade blinds & either do roman shades or leave it with no window treatments.

Okay, so how have I learned to love this space & take a semi-good photo? Well, I mentioned the hearth. Taking the photos, I have to take them at an angle, either from our dining table or on the other side of the room. Any close-ups need to be close to the item I want to focus on. I can also creep up on it at an angle & shoot from there, only if the sun isn't glaring through. So never a straightforward shot. Hopefully, these tips will help you in a space like mine that is smack in the middle of two spaces.

I have included a few photos of what works for me. If I have a straightforward photo... those get deleted & trashed right away lol.

I appreciate you stopping by & reading along.




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