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That's A Wrap, Come & See The Season's Last Tablescape

Well, here at CCH, summer has slowly ended & of course, I would end it with a tablescape. Would you have expected anything else, probably not LOL!

Is it officially the end of summer? No, but here at CCH, we love to fall & love to enjoy it as much as we can. So, we wrap up summer as soon as August rolls around. I knew I wanted to do a table that would represent summer at its finest. Remember, here we do summer simple & keeping it easy. I wanted it to feel inviting, cozy, romantic & with all of my favorite elements.

In today's post on my social media, I share a video of the tablescape. Here I want to share with you still photos. Not too much to read, but it'll be more of a visual post. I will create more posts like these here for you to get a better view of what I have shared on the other platforms. If you have any questions about the pictures, always feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Okay, let's see some photos!
I've added tips along the way.

Vintage crystal chandelier
Flowers, Crystal Chandelier, Linens & Ribbon Always Have a Place at My Tablescapes.

French crystal chandelier
Double Chandeliers, yes please!

faux cake cherries
Balance is key when styling a table

Silk peonies summer flowers
Summer Flower Arrangement

Chunky knit throw blanket crystal chandelier
The Simple Views of Summer at Country Chic Homes

summer green flowers summer tablescape
Creeping Vines Onto A Table Is Always Romantic

needle point tablecloth vintage linens
A View

twinkling lights
It's The Twinkle Lights For Me. Add them everywhere in your home.

vintage dishes vintage glassware goblets
The table setting bring the table together. Bring out the vintage dishes & beautiful mix of glassware.

vintage ironstone plates
Layer your plates. I prefer to use three to create a beautiful stack. Another tip, Mix & Match if needed.

Vintage home decor. summer tablescape
The majority is a very neutral palette; pops of color are seen throughout the table. Color can be seen in the flowers, tablecloth & in the books on the mantel that are close proximity to the table.

An entire season of creating tablescapes down, & many, many more seasons to go! Thank you so very much for allowing me to share what I love & for allowing me to share my most creative side with you, my tables! Until next summer, am I already planning? probably!

XO ~ Ali

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