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The Cozy Couch

Hey Guy's!!

Okay let's chat about our cozy couch, but first let me give you all the deet's about it & some history on it. So it's going on 2 years that we bought our gray sectional. It's the 1st piece of furniture that the BF & I bought together when he moved in. Scary but at the same time so exciting!! We looked for almost 2 weeks!! HAHA I don't know if it was that we couldn't find "the one" or if we were scared to commit to our 1st biggest purchase! We ended up finding it when where we last expected & when we weren't even looking for it.. We had kinda had gotten use to the 1 cozy chair that I already had, we just took turns sitting on it LOL! Well we found it at Costco!! Not too pricey & it didn't feel like so much of a commitment as we were also buying avocados & shrimp & razors!! So, It finally made it's way to our home in about 3 trip's! I'll try to find a before picture or stock photo, cause I am not taking the drop cloth off until I have to wash it. Once it was all set up,we all loved how big it was & we all fit, but it was just a sectional....

Okay let's chat a few weeks ago, so I had this great idea that I wanted a light color couch with lot's & lot's of pillows. We obviously were not going to buy another couch as our's is still in perfect condition. I made the pillow's and tossed them on the sectional, all the pillow's were white!! I didn't like how it looked, they stuck out & not in a good way. I think the BF knew something was brewing in my mind, cause he started to re-arrange the look of it. It's one that you can re-configure. So he attached the ottoman at the end & that became Pepper's new chill spot. But there was more that it needed! So I finally told him that our couch needed a make over.. so $34 & change & a trip to Home Depot.. I have my cozy cream/white couch!! & we absolutely are in love with it!! It's even more cozy than before & it brought our living room to life! It was super easy to throw on, we wanted a welcoming feel as it was all creams & white's, we wanted it to be inviting, like come sit on me! So we didn't tuck it in every cushion, mostly the end's & the corner piece. Because it's a large piece of drop cloth it has a hem & I left that up on the top, which looks great. I needed to cut a piece off the back, the part where it hangs over the couch, it was too long. I did need another piece for the last seat & the ottoman. I had a piece that I already had & OMG it fit. The only thing is that it didn't hang all the way down to the floor... but that piece that I cut off worked perfectly to make a skirt! The 2 piece's are not the same exact color & it doesn't bother us one bit! I laid a white throw over that area which makes it look amazing with all the shades of cream & white pulled together. Arranged all my white throw pillows... & it was done! Everyone loves how it look's & the coziness. So before you go out & buy a new couch, if you want the look that I have going, head over to Home Depot & buy some drop cloth. If you have or are going to do this DIY, let me see!! I'd love to see how you create your cozy couch.

* TIP: If you have pet's and they have one spot on your couch, I do recommend them having their own drop cloth piece. I already had to wash it once already. Pepper was sick to his stomach & vomited. I just pulled off that piece & threw it in the wash. If I would have had one solid piece... that would have been a huge project that was not planned for.


Sectional with Ottoman attached

Longest Length, from arm to end of couch: 138"

Back of couch to ottoman (end of our sectional): 105"

What I Used:

Sectional, similar, a little more expensive & our ottoman doesn't have storage.

Drop Cloth 12'x15' 8oz

Extra piece of Drop Cloth that I already had. There are several size's of Drop Cloth's if you need an extra piece.

DIY Throw Pillow's. See Blog Post

*NOTE: Drop cloth doesn't go all the way to the floor on the smallest part as I needed to use 2 pieces. It's okay cause it's backed up to the wall, but I may buy a 6'x9' 8oz & cut off the excess for another DIY

Okay Guy's till the next post & see ya daily on IG!

Be Cozy,


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