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The Falling Leaves, the most famous branches of the season are back!

Leaves of fall are the most gorgeous leaf of all. Even at times, I see it as the flower of fall. We all love bringing the outdoors in & creating beautiful arrangements or garlands with branches full of crisp leaves. But what do you do if it's too early in the season, or you would like to have something that isn't messy, like the real leaves or something that you can reuse over & over again?

fall faux stems fall leaf garland

This week I shared the fall leaves, the stems you may have seen on social media. I shared them a few weeks ago in an outdoor tablescape in an arrangement. I love them in containers, as each stem is 47" tall! & full of life. But days ago it was a bit humid at night & I couldn't fall asleep. So, what is a one to do? Get up & decorate as space, of course! I knew I wanted to add something to the area in the living room where the black mirror is. I didn't know what exactly I would do, as I had something already in the works for Halloween. But as I sat one in our living room contemplating, it came to me! A garland, I would place a garland around the mirror. I knew I wanted it to be full but not covering the mirror entirely. I wanted it cascading to one side only. I, of course, brought out the fall stems & it was a quick process. So easy to add them to the mirror with no tape or nails! Because of their flexibility, I was able to connect them to one another very easily. I used five stems in total & fluffed up the leaves to give it a fuller look & to cover where I twisted the stems together. You can't even tell that they're indeed stems & not a garland. I left the strand of lights on the mirror that were already there & let me say; it looks so beautiful at night.

Will it stay this way? Absolutely! It will work perfectly with what I have planned for Halloween. I can't wait to share it with you soon! I have many more ways to share these gorgeous stems with you, not these exactly, but I have plenty more that I can style around CCH.

Disclaimer: I will say the stems are a bit pricey. I have linked two styles for you that are priced differently. In my opinion, they're worth it. I have had several stems for a few seasons & hold up perfectly. Here at Country Chic Homes, they will be a staple piece for many fall seasons to come.

Option 1
Option 2

Have a wonderful weekend!


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