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The Grand Summer Flower Arrangement

Each season I create a huge flower arrangement; it usually happens towards the end of the season & will stay as we welcome the following season. & with summer halfway gone, it was time to create summer's grand flower arrangement.

There's no secret that I love artificial flowers & you can see it in this arrangement. I used over fifty stems & an array of flowers. I stayed with subtle colors that mixed well together & in a vessel that I have had for a while. That's where my vision began for this arrangement. I knew I wanted to be huge, so I grabbed my paper mâché bowl. Let me tell you, I knew it would be a challenge as it is vast & I was going to need a lot of flowers. Luckily enough, I have my wall of flowers.

As I gathered my flowers, I grabbed blooms of all sizes, from full-size hydrangeas to eucalyptus branches. I needed to cover & fill every space in the bowl as it would be seen from all sides. I realized that I would be placing another vessel inside the bowl. The reason behind my doing so, the inside of the bowl becomes shallow towards the middle. Instead of having a floppy mess of flowers, I wanted my flowers to be perky, I added one of my zinc buckets, which would hold the center flowers of the arrangement. That space created the height & gave the structure it would need due to the size. The distance between the bucket & bowl would be for my filler space. Instead of placing the flowers upright, I began by laying them in & having them hang a bit over the bowl; that way, it would give a whimsical feel to it. Once I had a good amount covered of both sections, I was able to get creative with the flowers & place them in where needed & bend them into one another. I love bending the flowers into one another, it reminds me of an overflowing flower garden where flowers are getting tangled in a beautiful mess from the summer breeze. The final step is adding greenery; this is where you can break up any sections if you place two of the same flowers next to each other or need to use the greenery as a filler if you're running out of flowers. Remember to constantly move around your arrangement to ensure that you don't have any holes, or if you have a lazy susan, bring it out & set your arrangement on top. There are exceptions. If your arrangement is going to be up against a wall, then you can opt to fill in that side 100%.

Flowers Used: Linked in Spring & Summer Flowers post.
Gerber Daisies

Summer flowers
Mix of Summer Flowes

Flowers can always be seen here at CCH & believe me; I love creating them. I always say, "This one is my favorite," but in my heart of hearts, they all are. I will link below posts that share more tips on creating flower arrangements. But for this post, my one & only tip is,


If you still need to see today's Instagrams post I will link it here, I shared the flowers in a reel. I didn't include any still photos in the reels today. I will save that for another post, but you get to see them here at CCH. The tablescape is very simple, with not much going on, but what is shared is absolutely GRAND! The candle holders fit perfectly with the scale of the arrangement. I knew I couldn't use just any regular candle holders or tapers. So, I went with the DIY candle holders. A little bit of added texture with the faux fur & a throw on the stool. & of course, vintage plates of transferware. Glassware & gold silverware complete the entire space.

Summer in France
A Summer Tablescape View

I have about three more tablescapes that I will be sharing this season, as I am about three weeks to start introducing fall. I hope you're ready as I am; I have waited all year!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead & make those summer memories!

Summer flowers flower arrangement bouquet
One Last View

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