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Part III The Linens of a Tablescape, Here At CCH

Linens are pieces of fabric that have been cut that one usually doesn't think about. They are what completes a tablescape here at Country Chic Homes.

From the tablecloth, runner, napkins, or a simple ribbon that ties around the silverware, it can even be a throw blanket draped on a chair. Linens play an essential role in every one of the tables that I create. It is a collection that only sometimes gets shared, only once in a while when a new piece has been added to my linen closet collection.

My collection can go from vintage to new & what one wouldn't even think of using. My set of cotton napkins is, in reality, shop mechanic towels that a mechanic would use to wipe his hands or a greasy tool. The texture fits perfectly with many of my rustic tablescapes. They fit perfectly with my vintage embroidered napkins that have been lived once before & have made it to CCH. In my tablescapes, you can see a mix-match of napkins; I will rarely use a complete set for a setting. It creates uniqueness & it'll have your guests comparing them to one another.

Burlap table runner
Tablecloths & runners are so fun to work with! They come in so many different patterns, textures & colors, more than I could ever imagine. My collection consists of several styles of traditional & non-traditional from some that are made for a table & many that are just fabric that I find at the local fabric shop. Even using vintage grain sacks as runners has always been my favorite runner to use. Since grain sacks are neutral, but many have lines down the middle, that you can coordinate them with the theme of your table. As much as I love to mix & match my napkins, I love to layer my tablecloths or runners; it adds more texture to the table & gives more structure to the base of your tablescape. So next time you create your tablescape, layer two different tablecloths; the top one should be smaller than the other & even cross it diagonally to create depth. Or add a runner on top of your tablecloth, showcasing the middle of your table & any centerpiece that you use.

The delicate part, the ribbon, can be considered part of your linens—the simple action of untying them around the silverware that their napkin has wrapped. There's something so beautiful about untieing the ribbon to discover your tableware.

The vintage lace ribbon
The Ribbon
To soften & cozy up your table, add a throw blanket or even a throw pillow. Adding a throw blanket or pillow works great for outdoor tablescapes too. Either added to a chair or as I have mentioned in prior posts, in a basket for your guest to grab at their leisure. It allows your guests to cozy up on those cooler evenings & sit more comfortably to enjoy their time with you.

Demi johns fall tablescape
So next time, when you're ready to style your table, think of the linens that you have & how you can incorporate them. How will they lay at your table & create that texture from just a simple fabric?
  1. Collect napkins, even the single ones

  2. Head to your fabric shop & look through the pre-cut bin. You'll find some amazing pieces at a steal!

  3. Save ribbons of all kinds.

  4. Layer your linens.

  5. Mix & match patterns & textures.

European grainsack

Outdoor summer tablescape

Tablescapes are the core of my creation. They give me more peace than one can imagine. There is something special about each one & each one I hold dear to my heart. It's a place where one gathers to create memories & admire every detail that went into creating such a table.

This post concludes my series of tablescapes! We have covered in previous posts, glassware & the dishes & now the linens. Thank you so much for following along on the series.


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