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The Unseen Pictures Of CCH

There is beauty that goes unnoticed, a view that gets unseen here & there at Country Chic Homes. In this post, I want to share them with you.

Why do they go unseen on Instagram? But sometimes, they are tucked away in a blog post or as a filler picture somewhere on the blog or even in the shop section of CCH. The main reason why they may not be seen or featured is the question that goes through my mind many times, "are they good enough" to make it on social media? Oh, another reason is the angle. I've talked about it in a previous post about different angles & learning how to take pictures of those spaces in our homes. I'll add that post at the bottom of this post & link it here for you to read.

But earlier today, I was looking at my pictures as I was editing my post for today & came across the folder "unpublished" I opened up the folder & as I started looking at them, I saw the beauty in each one. So why not feature them here? In what really is their home.

I hope you find the beauty in them, too & find inspiration in them. My TIP of the day, open up the folder of your "unpublished" & discover the beauty that you saw through the lens just as when you took that one shot.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


P.S. What do you think of these pictures? Tell me in a comment below.

Vintage books
The awkward view, the television

Vintage home
Too many angles, looks like maze. Blog post coming soon on this view all year round.

Vintage Chandeliers
Double trouble. I believe I have shared this view in my stories on Instagram.

winter tablescape
My winter tablescape. I took way too many pictures. The sun was shinning for the first time in weeks.

Antique mirror
A few reasons on why I never shared this view. I normally remove the blankets from the baskets, one was left behind. The arrangement, I'll mention it below.

I never intended to share this picture. Again, the sun had made it's appearance. It has rained the entire month of January.

Another picture for Instagram story slides. Given only 15 seconds of fame.

English Cottage
Haha! Pepper's Christmas jammies. I finally ended up being able to take a picture of this space when he went for a snack break.

A closer look for the sunrays & this beautiful garland.

Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine
White roses & peonies in a vintage crock. My newest space that I re did after Christmas. Bringing back one of my favorite tables & adding my collections of Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazines & Decor books.

European decor
I have a love hate relationship with the Television. That's all.

One of my most beautiful finds. Orante & beautiful. She made her way from the small side table to here. I love seeing her here better.

Vintage Tablescape
The last view. My silver flatware that I use for my tablescape inspirations.

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