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The WOW Factor by Creating Balance In A Fall Table Centerpiece

Styling a table or any flat surface, for that matter, requires much attention to detail. Even when creating in odds, it's all about finding the balance between odds & even items in any style.

Today, I shared a fall centerpiece I created on Instagram for our dining table. I didn't style an entire tablescape as I wanted a centerpiece that would give our table that WOW factor even when not enjoying a meal.

The chandelier above our table serves no purpose; it is simply there for decor purposes & I love that. I can adjust the height as much as I need to give our table the perfect look. I prefer to have a manageable gap between the chandelier & centerpiece. It grounds & creates a natural balance. When taking pictures, I love incorporating the chandelier's bottom to
show the beautiful crystals. Okay, now onto creating balance.

Pears fall fruit

As you can see, the arrangement was a substantial size in every way possible.
The urn that I chose was not only tall but also made out of cement, creating weight. It is solid & I knew I would have to have an entire arrangement full of florals & stems. I went with different flowers of shades of white. I already had these in place as they were a part of a summer style. So, all I did was add my pear stems, a soft fall yellow with hints of orange throughout & specks of brown. (these pear stems are from last year fall at CCH, I have linked others that are currently available) Since I wasn't creating a tablescape, I wanted the middle of our table to be filled. To keep it all flowing together, I used my two risers from Tamara to pull the weight of the flower arrangement together & spread it throughout the middle. I brought in several brass candle holders, five on each riser. & my newest style tip: leave some of your candle holders without candles. It creates a rustic feel & a style that is very beautiful to the eye.

vintage chandelier

Even though I used two risers instead of my odd number rule in creating, it was still shown by the balance of the two risers. There was still the triangle of items from the tip, being the urn & so forth, cascading into each riser. A total of three significant elements create a triangle. I balanced the top of each riser with only five candle holders on each riser.

fall decor

Having all my tips in one space works & can be easily applied as long as the two pieces that are creating the balance are the same.

fall stems fall flowers

Next time you style a centerpiece, pull from the tips from today's post to create balance.

Thank you for being here & feel free to invite friends & family to view this post. There is lots to come as we're now in full fall mode at Country Chic Homes.


I have opened up the comment section below. I always appreciate you & each comment received.

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