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This Week On IG

Hey Guy's!!!

I hope ya'll loved & were able to comment on my IG post, I seriously love posting everyday a little square of my home for ya'll to see. To be able to share with y'all just warms my heart, & especially when I see your comments.

So this week I shared with y'all a simple way to create. I tend to do these type of creations after a holiday & with Easter behind us this week was no different. I do this for a few reasons, let me tell y'all why.

1. It gives my family a break from all the creations that are created with a lot of pieces. Especially now since we're home & having to move pieces to create some space for snacks, games or just to have a clear space.

2. It's a cleanse for myself, to clear my thoughts & see the spaces clear to be able to envision my next creations. I obviously will always have my home decorated, this is just a simpler way of doing so.

3. Usually this would be a time that I go & gather pieces,such as florals or get inspiration by going on Pinterest. I am always inspired by my friends on IG, but Pinterest gives me sometimes another perspective.

There ya have it my reason for this week. Obviously I couldn't go gather items but I did do some online shopping. Let's get to chatting about this weeks squares.

I shared with y'all my dining table, coffee bar wall space, wall in my living room, bookcases in my dining room & the wood crate. Since we've already chatted about the wood crate on the blog on Tuesday we'll skip that one today & we talked about the bookcase today too. So I'll chat with y'all the 2 wall space & dining table center piece..

1. Coffee Bar Side Wall:

I shared with y'all my beautiful print for my good friend Christine @ shuttertreephotos. The vintage feel of the print fit perfectly in our home, the barn & milk cans are absolutely perfect. I will need to find a frame to permanently have it in.

2. Living Room Wall:

I am in love with my scroll from the one & only Shamara, she is absolutely the sweetest person. I love the saying on the scroll as it should literally be read all the time.Head on over to her Etsy shop Shamara Pretty Things I kept the items around it simple, a few brass candlesticks, 2 faux plants one from Pottery Barn & the topiary from Target.

3. Dining Table

Simplicity is what I created for our dining table centerpiece creation. Just a wired basket, with a topiary from Target, 3 brass candlesticks & the laying bunny from Pottery barn.

Check out all 5 photos below from this weeks IG post

Alright Guy's, let me know what ya'll think about these post, drop a comment here, send me an email or head on over to IG.

Be well & safe & most of all be YOU!!



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