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Ties & Striped

Hey Guy's!!

Today on my stories over on IG, I shared with ya'll my new covers for our sofa. I wanted the farmhouse stripe with ties & frayed look. Since I had the white sheet still, I decided to create the outer cover for the pillows & order from Amazon the linen farmhouse striped covers, I ordered the 20x20. When I ordered, I thought it was for a set of 2... come arrival it's only for 1. They're a tad pricey but in my opinion, worth the price. So let's chat on how easy I created the outer cover.

You'll need material & sewing machine. My cases measure about 24x24 & I didn't loose any inches from a hem as I wanted a raw edge hem to get the frayed look.

  1. I folded the material in half, to have a complete closure on 1 side & cut off what I didn't need.. make sure to not cut the side that you folded over

  2. I sewed the 2 sides. By doing this I now have 3 sides that are complete. Wherever you sew your sides together will be the end point of the frayed look. I have about 1/2" in of hem.

  3. For the opening of your case, I wanted to have the tied fabric look. I snipped the top of the sheet and ripped all the way down to keep the frayed look. Once I measured, well I ball pointed the middle I sewed one strip to the inside of the cover, I sewed all 4 sides to keep the strip secured. I did this for the remaining strips. The strips on the sides I came into the case about 2".

  4. That's pretty much it, now just to cover your pillow with the stripped case & put it inside the tie case. I tied it off with bow's.

I love how this simple DIY turned out & definitely gave our couch a cool vibe for the Summer month. Let me know if ya'll do these & show me!!



***NEW LINK to striped pillow covers, Set of 2 & price it better!!

Link for the Let's Stay Home Pillow Case

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