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Tips On Decorating After The 4th Of July

Well, the 4th of July came & went faster than we all would have liked. There's just something so perfect about a summer holiday & for many; it's the entry into Summer. As a home stylist & content creator, what happens next? What does Country Chic Homes look like as of the 5th of July? I have created three different styles & tips that can help you style your home & enjoy the season making memories.

French Canning Jars
A Simple Summer Hutch

Many people like to keep their patriotic decor all the way through Labor Day. This is completely fine, but putting away the decor that screams "4th of July" is probably for the best. There's a way to keep it classy & still have it be patriotic. So, if you would like to keep the American flag throughout Summer, I love that you do! The following tips are for you & just how easy it is to continue showcasing the flag.

  1. Start by cleaning every space where you have had your patriotic decor. At this point, you can put away your 4th of July decor, just like I mentioned above, about items that have the wording on them or even fireworks, such as textiles.

  2. Leaving the USA flag is a great way to show your patriotism throughout Summer still. It can quickly be done by placing it over a vintage frame or mirror, or if you have a throw, place it over a chair on the arm of your sofa. Another great way is folding it respectfully & have it on a console table.

  3. If you have vintage books & have them in red, white & blue, you can stack them on your coffee table.

I would stay away from having the mini flags around your home. I like to think of Summer as a clean, fresh slate & having the mini flags. We can easily have it get out of hand where then it looks like a 4th of July parade.

Vintage Grain Sack
Vintage Country Chic Homes

If you enjoy the coastal decor, this is your time! I have never styled our home in such a way. But I do find it very beautiful. It's such a short period of 3-4 weeks of having it in your home that you want to look stylish, neat & beautiful.
  1. If you collect shells, you can fill a clear vase with them & set it on your mantel or the top of a table. If you have a large shell, you can place it on top of your coffee table on top of a stack of books.

  2. Bring in you green & blue glass! Mason jars or French green canning jars. I find they remind me of the beach.

  3. Crisp white textiles & white candles on your dining table; you can place them directly on top or put an off-white table runner. I like to use a piece of drop cloth for this. It adds texture & dimension to the white.

At CCH, I have done this in the past by bringing out my green French canning jars. I gather them on a table either alone or even with single white roses. Currently they're have found their way to my hutch in the kitchen.

English Advertising jars
Collections At CCH

This year at Country Chic Homes, I have decided to clear most of the patriotic decor, from the books to the flags. I am looking at the calm before the beautiful storm, Fall! I had replaced the red, white & blue books with the neutral ones I had put away when I brought out my patriotic decor in May. I added them to our mantel, but instead of stacking them, I stood them upright. It gives eye movement since the rest of the books are stacked. On our dining table, I left it as I styled it a week before the 4th; the one item that I left out the represents the 4th is my grain sack with a red & blue stripe. Soon that will change as I will be creating a new centerpiece. But for now, it shows how the simple patriotic style looks beautifully.
  1. Clean slate leaves minimal patriotic decor. Such as I did with one item.

  2. Bring in your decor that represents your home without a holiday attached.

  3. Keep spaces simple and uncluttered, with no ties to any holiday, just a simple & cozy style.

Why I choose to go with option three is, well, if you know me well, I love Fall & I start styling our home in late July or early August, which then grows as the months go & before you know it, we'll have a mix of Fall, Halloween & a peak of Christmas. Speaking of Fall & Christmas, I gave both seasons planned on how CCH will look like & I can't wait! In the next few weeks, I start to organize my Fall decor that I will be using first & have it all sorted out. This is the time that I begin to put away my general decorations. Going with this option keeps things running smoothly here at CCH & it is the calm before the beautiful storm.
Whichever option you choose or however you choose to style your home, I know that it will be beautiful & it will be exactly how you intended it to be.

In the next few weeks, I will create several tablescapes & centerpieces for our dining tables. I will also be making flower arrangements that will consist of summer flowers that bloom later in the season in baskets that will be easy to create. I'll share as I do. This week was just for cleaning.
I have opened up the comment section below; I would love to hear how you will be styling your home for the Summer. Also, what do you think about the above options & tips? Are they helpful?

Wishing you a wonderful Summer!

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