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Tips on How To Create Beautiful Flower Arrangemts

Flower arranging can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. It is simple & should always be calming when creating an arrangement. I will share some of my tips I use every time I make an arrangement.

To begin, I use artificial flowers, as you can handle them & you can use them over & over again. Also, you can create different heights as long as the stem is plastic & bendable. Decide first where you'll be placing your arrangement. Consider the height & fullness. If your arrangement is up against a wall or on your mantle, you can get away with only really styling three sides, as the back side will not be seen. Once you have that figured out, you can move on to creating.

  1. Choose your container. Remember the size of what you want the end result to look like.

  2. Create your color palette. These will be the colors of your flowers.

  3. Gather your flowers staying with TIP #2. Choose around 3-5 different styles of flowers. Try to choose several size blooms. You want to have a variety to make it look natural & full. Pick as many flowers as you can. You can use leftover flowers by creating smaller intimate arrangements. If you're going for a one-style flower, then you can jump to TIP #5

  4. You'll want to add greens to your arrangement. Eucalyptus, Clover, Herb, Fern any filler will do.

  5. If your container has a wide opening at the top, you will likely need a grid at the opening. You can create this by using floral tape or suitable adhesive tape.

  6. Now to start adding your flowers. I like to use any bouquets that I may have pulled. I add those to the sides & one in front. Spread the flowers so they can be incorporated into the other flowers. These bouquets are your base. Next, bring in the larger blooms & have them surround the bouquets & add some to the middle. This helps with creating a full-size arrangement. You're starting your way from the outside in. Next, bring in the following size & spread that throughout the arrangement. If you're using artificial, you can pull & twist the flowers into one another to help with any holes. Lastly, bring in the remaining flowers & add them. You want to have the flowers at different heights, not too much, just enough to create dimension.

  7. Add your greens. I love doing this step last, as they're my filler. Add them all over the arrangement creating different heights & bunch a few together; three is good.

Seven simple tips! Remember to turn your arrangement around as you create if you need it to be seen in every view.

I have added pictures of my flower arrangements to better understand how they look when using the above tips. I have also linked my blog post, Spring Flowers, as it has all the flowers I use here at Country Chic Homes. & remember I have several flowers & greens available in the shop too.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section of this post if you would be using these or some of the tips next time you create your flower arrangement.

~ Ali

* Flowers that are not in my shop can be found on my

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