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Tips On How To Create Multiple Content

If you're a content creator, you may already know the endless hours one puts into creating a styled space or setting. In today's post, I will share with you tips that I have learned along the way that will work for you & even if you're not a content creator.

I have chatted about how I like to get multiple uses out of a styled space—especially my tablescapes. So, let's go into more depth & I'll share several pictures where my tips come into play.

1. First, you will create your biggest piece; it might be a tablescape. So that's what we'll break apart in this post. When I create my tablescapes, I think solely about the entire tablescape. As I have gathered the most items for this style, I want it to be perfect in that nothing is left out. Once completed, I will take one big video of my tablescape in one view, always the main view. I will then take several smaller videos of it from different angles & distances. When taking pictures, I take so many of them & like I've said before, many go unseen. But that's okay. I have them if I ever need them.

2. Take pictures from different angles & distances. Make sure to capture the small details in your tablescape. For example, focus on the petals from the flower arrangement & have a soft background; it can be as simple as candles from the table & their dripping wax. Once you're done, you have captured your original content; of course, there's the editing you'll need to do to make it look great & put together, but for now, I'll focus on the steps of getting more out of your original videos & photos. You can create & edit separate different videos that you can share on your social media just by using the OG video & pictures. Edit your videos & pictures to create as many versions as possible. I create several to share in my feeds & on my stories. Never delete the original videos or photographs, as you can always refer back to them to make any editing adjustments. I like to use the apps Inshot & Canva to create my reels. I have learned many techniques by working with both apps.

Detailed Photos

3. Next, you can start breaking down your tablescape. If it was set for 4 or 6 guests, you could break it down to a more intimate setting by using only two seating. Just rearrange your centerpiece to accommodate the two seatings. You can take a short video & several pictures to create your posts. When I style a table for two, I use zoomed-in pictures as they are more intimate & capture the mood.

Rearranged Tablescapes

4. After you're completely done with the tablescape, it's time to focus on your centerpiece on its own. I take a few pictures, just the arrangement & table. I also like to take a video of it from an angle & at a distance. When you go & create your video, you can pull images from the original photos, like the zoomed-in one from the petals.

5. The last tip, move the centerpiece around your home & snap pictures of it! You can use these for content or on your Instagram stories to engage with followers & even potential followers. I've used them for my cover photo on my reels when I have a reels that won't go with the esthetic of my feed.

Move Flower Arrangements Throughout Your Home

These tips help me when I am in a crunch for time or even if I want to create & save time.
Please comment below if you think these tips will help you next time you're creating or if you have any questions about this post. I love to chat with you here.

Wishing you all a wonderful day & a fabulous weekend!

* I have linked several of the photos to my LTK. Feel free to look through my LTK as you will come across many more images. If you see something that is not linked or can't find, feel free to reach out in comments or in a chat.

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