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Tips On Styling A Table

Happy Sunday! & Daylight Savings time! I am officially ready for a nap & I already know that this week will be tough on my sleep, but I am determined to make the best out of it. It'll take me about a good two weeks to feel like I have slept my eight hours. But for now, let's chat about tablescapes, my favorite spaces to create & style.

In today's post, I will share several tips on how to style my tablescapes. These tips can be used anytime, just applying the same techniques & adding items for holidays or themes. My style of tablescape is more vintage, & rustic than formal. I like my table to feel lived in & cozy where you can still enjoy chatting for hours after eating.
I'll add my tips below & break down each one afterward. A few of the tips may go together in the descriptions as they go hand in hand. I'll focus on a table for four in today's post.
  1. Plan your centerpiece

  2. Gather your tableware, glassware & flatware & linens

  3. Candles, battery operated or lit

  4. Plan your seating arrangement

Plan Your Centerpiece

Since I enjoy creating centerpieces even when I do not do a whole tablescape, our table here at CCH always has a centerpiece in the middle. I plan my tablescape around the centerpiece as that is the center & everyone will see it & I am sure it'll be a topic at the table. If you're going to have food at your table for your guest to serve themselves, I like to have my centerpiece at one end of the table to give room for your serving ware. For four, I want my guest to sit across from one another, two & two on each side. I'll chat more below about why. To have the conversation flowing & everyone can see one another. Keeping your centerpieces low is essential. I wouldn't go more than 8" from the table. This allows for passing items across the table or for toasting. Since everyone is seated across from each other, you can spread out your centerpiece to the end of the table. If you want a more romantic one, I will also bring it down the side. Going with an oblong centerpiece for a rectangular table makes more sense as it won't be in the way of your guests. If you decide to use a round piece, just keep in mind to not have it too big again so it's not in the way of your guests or tableware. If using a round table, you have the option of either oblong or round as there is more space in the center of the table.

Your centerpiece can be a mix of flowers or any decor piece that you would like to use. I'll attach my blog post, Flower Arrangements, below, discussing how to create the best arrangements. Once I complete my centerpiece, I bring in the linens that I am going to use, either a table runner or tablecloth. If you will be extending your centerpiece to the end of the table, you will not need to have a table runner as it won't be seen. If it is an elaborate show-stopper centerpiece, I will opt to use any table linens & have the centerpiece be the focal point. For simpler centerpieces, I suggest balancing them with a runner or full tablecloth. Candles, I love having candles on the table. But for tablescapes that are not for picture purposes only I'll, I use votive candles as they're safer as the flame is lower & not so exposed. You can always use batter-operated candles & place them along the middle of the table. Always use precaution when using candles.

Table Settings

As much as I love creating the centerpiece, gathering my dishware is just as fun. I love using vintage dishware. There's just something about these pieces that scream romance, so even on the most rustic table, placing beautiful transferware plates or white ironstone is just everything & more. I like to layer three plates from larger to smaller. You can mix and match all the settings, which can be another conversation even if just one of the plates is different from all the rest. Consider arranging your seating by having each person sit at their favorite color. Glassware can be a fun addition to any table. Choose how many glasses will be needed again; mixing & matching glasses creates a well-loved table. Using all the same plates & glassware gives the same vibe but in the way of a table made with simplicity in mind. The two methods are both wonderful. It just depends on the mood. Bring out your vintage linen napkins & put them to use. The beautiful details of the embroidery are pure elegance. Even if it is simple in the detail of the hem, still creates warmth. Have enough flatware for what you're planning to serve & extra ones if someone accidentally drops theirs. Depending on your color theme, you can use gold or silverware. Tieing your flatware in the napkin with a ribbon or twine is another detail that can be used. If doing so, you can leave it at that or add a simple flower like chamomile, lavender an English rose. The more traditional is just laying your flatware on top of the napkin. You can place all the flatware in a container for a farm table gathering table. I like to use a crock or a glass jar.


As I mentioned above, when creating a table for four, I like to have everyone seated across from one another. It makes for a more intimate experience & it is great to have a conversation by being seated this way. Make it cozy for your guests; if you have wood chairs, add a throw pillow for them, they can remove it if they choose. There's nothing worse than an uncomfortable chair. If outside have a basket with throw blankets rolled up & tied with a chunky ribbon or frayed fabric. If you like, these can be your guest gifts. You can find very inexpensive throws. I'll add a few below that are available in the shop & that are on sale too. You can add a name tag to each one for an added special touch.

Creating a tablescape is something very intimate & shows your guests that you took the time to welcome them into your home. You want the experience to be as amazing as the food you have prepared for them.

In today's Instagram post, I share a tablescape where I used many of these tips. I needed to create a table for three odd numbers—head on over to see the reels that I created. Below are the still pictures.

Ribbon Used



I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think about these easy tips or if you are already incorporating any of them.
Thank you for being & let's have a wonderful week ahead!

~ Ali

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