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Travel Around the World with Me

What would you say if I asked you to come with me & travel around the world? Would you go? Or would you be hesitant to leave it all behind?

When Enjoy the Wood asked me that, I said, let's go! Okay, I should say we're not going to travel the world by leaving our homes, but one can only dream of what that may be like. So, when Enjoy the Wood asked if I wanted to collaborate with them, I immediately said yes! I would be receiving a 3D map of the world. Enjoy the Wood has several map options from 2D, 3D & even LED. All are available in different sizes & stains. I have a 10% Discount Code for you; ALI10 Code will be valid for three weeks only & can be used for your purchase at Enjoy the Wood.

Here is where we begin our travel. Once you receive your map, it arrives what appears to be a suitcase. You open it up & you'll be amazed at how beautiful the individual pieces are. I chose the 3D Wooded World Map in Multicolor. The hues of the colors match perfectly with the vibe here at CCH. You'll receive everything on every continent, sea, ocean, countries everything the world has to offer. Accessories are included too! You'll get country flags, USA state flags, Provence flags, Territory flags & airplanes. The kit also sends you the adhesive to apply to your wall.

If you haven't seen my reels on Instagram, I'd appreciate it if you head over to watch. It was a lot of fun creating our world. To have a staple piece like this is excellent! I walk by our wall of the world & see all the beautiful detail every time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to see the world with me!


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