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Hey Guy's!!

The day's are getting longer & warmer, we've done a few BBQ'S which only means Spring is here & Summer is near. Now let's just all hope that we can go out & enjoy the weather & comfort of our friend's & family. So I wanted to chat with y'all about some decor pieces that ya'll will se me using in my home for Memorial Day & really for the 4th of July. Definitely head on over to these shops for some amazing deals. Y'all will be ready to celebrate our beautiful Country.

So I'm going to link the shops first of these item's, I have all these item's ready to go but these shops have so many more options for this specific holiday & of course for others.

Alright let's get to it!


Charlie James and Co

Itty Bitty Cottage

Check out these handmade garlands from Bethany over at Buntingsnmore. The Vintage Paper Star garland is perfect to create with, giving all the vintage Farmhouse vibe. Definitely reminds me of ol' country. Red, White & Blue Pom Pom garland on twine is a perfect patriotic garland with all of our colors in one garland. Such a fun way to create with. Oh & I have a CODE for ya'll!!

CCH10 will get you 10% OFF at Checkout! Valid until May 31, 2020.


These Farmhouse signs are absolutely perfect to display on your wall, table or shelf. Rustic & vintage are my vibe & these definitely are it!! I have the God bless USA & Great American, so definitely head on over to Charlie James & Co to find these & their awesome SALE going on now!


3 adorable filled American Grain Sacks, handmade & are perfect for filling in spaces in any creation or all together in a dough bowl, tiered tray or up on a shelf. The vintage of the grain sack is just so farmhouse perfect! So head one over to Itty Bitty Cottage & find these a different styles.

Alright Guy's that's it, so definitely follow my squares over on IG to see how I create with these beautiful pieces for Memorial Day & I'm sure you'll see them out on display for 4th of July! Don't forget to share with me, cause I love to see your creation's! & Let's alway's remember those who have served our Country!

Happy Shopping & Creating!!



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