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Indulge in Self-Love with a Beautiful Valentine's Tablescape for One

On Valentine's Day, we celebrate the ones we love & shower them with love, gifts, flowers & the traditional of going out to dinner in an overcrowded restaurant. But how about showing yourself some LOVE?

In today's post, I'm sharing how to create a simple tablescape just for you. It can be at any time of the day when you have your home to yourself or can get some time in the morning when everyone is still asleep. It can be as simple as your cup of coffee or tea & a sweet pastry. Plan ahead & buy yourself a beautiful bouquet to have ready for you on Valentine's Day; beat the rush of buying them on the same day. Place them in one of your most beautiful vases or your favorite container. Candles bring them out, either real or battery operated & have them ready to go. Your plate setting have it all picked out, if you have those special dishes that you only bring out on special occasions, will bring a set out for you! Because you're SPECIAL!

Anthropologie Minka Pot

  • Have everything ready the day before, from dishes, your meal, flowers & a card. Yes, get yourself a card or DIY one. Write yourself a sweet note inside of your card.

  • Tell your significant other the night before you have a date with yourself. So that way, they know to help you if you do this before anyone else gets up in the morning to have them help you or stay away LOL while you're on your date.

  • If you can get dressed nicely, if you can't due to a time crunch, put on a cute cozy robe & slippers & toss your hair up in a messy bun, my favorite look ever!

  • Lastly, make this a tradition: date yourself every Valentine's Day.

I have set a simple tablescape for myself, & I added a bouquet of roses I bought at Costco. We all love Trader Joe's, but you can get two dozen for a few bucks more! I went with the mix of pinks & creams, always my favorite from the traditional white ones. I love my roses that have the vintage look to them, where the tips of the petals have a bit of a brownish patina to them. To add texture to the delicate roses, I placed them in my Minka pot, first in a glass vase filled with water. I added my macrame table runner just on one side by gathering it together to add the effect of layers—one pillar candle inside of one of my disco balls yes, I love disco balls. For my setting, I went with white ironstone, China gold ribbed plate & red transferware. Lastly, I added my gold silverware & lastly, two glasses, one red & the other pink. It is a super easy setting with no fuss; you can add more if you wish, but keeping it simple means less cleanup. Unless you want to ask your partner to clean up after you or even ask your kids, if it's only you, toss them in the dishwasher if they're appropriate.

Valentines Day Tablescape

Valentine's day is a day of romance & love, but remember to do the same to yourself as you do to others. Show yourself how special you are!

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