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Vintage Mason Jar's

Hey Guy's!!

Happy Day & OMGEEEE have ya'll heard my new item that I am loving & have started to collect? Mason Vintage Jar's, clear glass & the aqua colored one's.. well some people say, blue, green or aqua colored glass... I saw whatever comes to my mind first. I recently started collected these beautiful jars & I soon started doing some research on them once I received my first one. They're absolutely beautiful & perfect for my Summer creation's. I'm growing my collection pretty fast, cause when I see them I know that they are going to be selling fast. I'm not too sure how big my collection will be just yet. Once I started chatting about them in my stories the past few day's ya'll wanted to know more about these gems & where & how to buy them. So let me start by giving some background deet's on them that I have researched. I'm not getting into the value of them & reproduction time frame of when each set was produced, this is more of what to & how to look for them. Once I get my jar's I research each one to see if I have a $10K one lol!

The true Mason Jar is named John Landis Mason who invented them in 1858. Due to the hermetic seal the jar's were made for canning & jarring produce. Vintage jar's will usually have a number on the bottom, this number represents where this jar was positioned in the glass making process, I have a #1!!! Some jar's will have a year in the front of the jar, that means the year the jar was made. There are 2 lid options to a Mason Jar the zinc lid, which is a twist kinda a similar to what are familiar to the ones from today. The lid is a once piece not 2 pieces & are a bit thicker. Another style of lid is the glass with a wire ring, I believe those were made in Canada, I am finding that those are the pricier ones. Like anything, with time the jars evolved to what they're today with a better seal & they no longer make the wired ring ones due to sanitation reasons.

I am finding since I know what I want.. Vintage Mason Jar either clear or blue/green/aqua is what I type in my search on Ebay or Etsy. I have been buying them in a set of 3, I find that you get a better deal vs. buying one & shipping is usually free. The most I have spent on a set of 3 is $52...The set was $25 plus shipping, but it was totally worth it. The set had 2, 1 gallon size one's with the zinc lid & a wired one, the 3rd jar was a quart. I purchased it from Ebay & it was a Buy Now & it had tons of watchers. I talked about what all that means & when to buy item's on Ebay in my Vintage Shopping Blog Post. So for price, it really depends what jar style & if it's a set. I have passed on some good ones that are priced around $30 for a gallon size. I'm not linking any of the shops on Ebay or Etsy, since their inventory it constantly changing but head on over & search these beautiful jars. Oh another great place is Laurel Grove, I have purchased individual jar's from them & again cause I truly wanted them.

I am growing my collection & definitely love learning more about them. I will start to focus more on the clear ones in a few months as my creations start to transition into Fall & Winter. I hope this helps you in some way with starting or growing your collection. Don't forget to tag me on IG with your Vintage Mason Jar's creation's or collection & thank you so much for reaching out to me wanting a little more information on them.

TIP: Don't re-suse these for canning or jarring purposes, just for display.





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