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Vintage Shopping

Hey Guy's!!

I get asked all the time where I find my vintage item's, like my crocks, mason jars, architectural wood pieces & so on... I can list item's forever. When searching for item's, I usually don't know what I am looking for until I actually come across an item. Unless I've already have started a collection & just adding on to it. But let me tell you, when you find a vintage item you have to move fast cause most likely it will be gone within the hour. So these are shops or sites that I've shopped with & I can say that they've some amazing item's & I continue to go back for more. So let's start listing.

  1. Facebook Marketplace. You have to literally be looking all day & night to find the best finds. This is one place that you have to act fast & be ready to pay thru the page, PayPal. Great thing about Facebook Marketplace, is that people are usually wanting to get rid of an item so they're willing to make a deal with you. You can search items too & set your radius to whatever you would like. I have many items & at an amazing prices too.

  2. Etsy is one of favorite places to shop for vintage items, I usually know what I am looking for as there is thousands & thousands of items on Etsy. I will try to get a deal with the seller if I am buying more than one item from a seller. Shipping can be a bit pricey too, so I do narrow it down by selecting "Free Shipping." Some shops off totally Free Shipping or Free Shipping over $35 if you purchase through them.

  3. Ebay, I only go onto Ebay when I am looking for a specific item. People on Ebay usually know what they're selling which at times makes it harder to get a really good deal. If you find an auction item, I will usually choose to watch the item instead of bidding on it right away, I'll wait until the day before to bid. I always start at the asking price. If you start bidding on the same day the auction ends, I notice that's when the bidding starts higher. Always have you max bid in mind too. For items that have a Make An Offer, I always going about $5 less than what I am really wanting to purchase the item, it gives us some room to play with. For item's that are being offered at Buy Now, I still will sometimes make an offer too. I like seller's that will offer Free Shipping, so that's one of thing's that I'll do first when I jump onto Ebay is set the Free Shipping tab to on.

  4. Yard sales are another great place to shop for vintage items. You definitely have to be open to finding anything, not a place to go & search for specific item's. You also have to have a plan of where you're going & set a time frame, so you're not out all day running around all over town.

  5. Laurel Grove is absolutely my favorite shop. They've a brick n mortar in Boston, MA... 339 Boston Post Rd Sudbury, (Rt.20). So if you're a local definitely check them out!! But if you do, take me with you by video chat so we can shop together!! If you're not local such as myself, shop online & they're currently offering FREE SHIPPING!! Love it!!

  6. Local shops such as antique shops are another great place to look for item's. But just be aware that prices may be a bit higher than the above places mentioned. Well in my area where I live they tend to be a little pricey. Then again, you can always ask if that's the best price they can do. Usually they'll have to call the booth owner, so it may take sometime to get an answer. Alway's worth a shot though.

So Guy's that wraps ups this post on where & how I shop for vintage items. Also, if you really want an item & can afford it, it's never too soon to buy it! I hope this all helps with shopping for all those vintage items we all love so much . Let me know whatcha think & Happy Vintage buying!!



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