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We Moved!!

Ummm yes we moved! Well if you've been following me over on the gram, you may already know this. We moved in May, the day after we got back from our vacation & I week after returning back to work after being off for a very long time. But it couldn't have happened at a better time, the saying is true "every thing in its own time" haha is that a saying or did I just make it up?

We're all settled in & we're enjoying having more space, a back yard, front yard and a garage which means storage for all my wonderful finds!

I've kept the decorating simple & I am not changing it every second or every week. I am learning to enjoy vignettes a lot longer than before. Also, I am not hanging really anything on our walls. As of today, I only have 2 pieces hung my vintage mirror in our dining room space & of course my dads picture. Everything else gets leaned up against the wall. Why?? Well as easy as it seems to cover up a small nail or screw hole... it's really not if you want it to look good & the same as the rest of the wall. Especially if you're like me, inpatient & can't wait for someone who knows how to look for a stud, you end up with 5836364 holes for one piece. After you cover it up you have to texture & paint.. my boyfriend is a taper in construction so there's no short cuts for this. Okay so that's the reason why for not hanging anything & I am ok with that. Also, I decided to drop the drop cloth curtains.. (no pun intended) I am loving having the windows just as is & no added texture but the blinds.. yes you can see the blinds & oddly I am okay with seeing them.

We really didn't but any new furniture pieces. Only 2, a new dining table off of Facebook Marketplace & a Farmhouse kitchen island that I purchased off a local shop. It's not your typical island, I'll add a picture below. As for everything else, they look new as everything was cramped in our apartment. Even decor pieces that I shared often now have new life to them. I use a lot of our vintage leather books underneath out TV in our living room to hide all the cords. Such a brilliant idea I think.

We have one open space that includes our living & dining room & our kitchen is pretty big. It holds our island & hutch with tons of space left. Oh my hutch... gosh it holds all of my ironstone & a few other collections. We'll chat later on just that. I will say, I miss an actual dining room. But with everything else that I gained, I can totally live with out it.

I bought a few chandeliers but they deserve a post of there own like my hutch. I'll write another post of our chandy's, 3 of them.

Well that wraps up this post, but I have many more to write. I am playing catch up I guess.

I am absolutely blessed beyond measure & having you being here with me is so important to me, thank you.



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