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Week Of 1K Followers

Hey Guy's!!

Okay I am going to jump right into it & say it..... OMGEE 1,000 FOLLOWERS!! Ya'll are amazing each & everyone of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! When I saw the number's start to go up when it reached 990.. & then it stopped at 998 for like hours, then it went to 102 but I kept losing 2 followers, bye... then I'd gain 2 Hi... I just decided to go with it, & start my post Monday morning. I totally know that ya'll were so excited for me & have been cheering me on since the moment you started following me. Well like I said in my post, I promise to continue giving ya'll some great squares, share my favorite shops, DIY's & most of all share my home. So keep following along & let's enjoy the ride together & let's keep growing each day & continue making Country Chic Homes successful. Ya'll are making all my dreams come true, I am forever grateful!

Okay, let's get into the week's square's. All the squares this week are honoring Memorial Day, to honor the brave that have served our Country, so we can live in the land of free. I'll be skipping both square's from Monday & we'll jump right into Tuesdays deets.


I shared with ya'll my coffee table space & it definitely was a perfect square for Memorial Day inspiration. I added my vintage inspired beverage crate, that I've had for awhile now from Joann Fabrics, inside I placed a vintage mason jar from ebay that I filled with taper candles, laid across several small Amercian Flags from Amazon & I draped my hand tied garland (DIY POST All Tied Up) with my Patriotic Star Garland from Bethany over at buntingsnmore. I have the crate not centered in the middle of the table but more to the side & next to my vintage angel that sits on the wood tray.

TIP: Use a box, crate or a basket to be the base of your creation.



Dining room side table creation was the square for Wednesday, I'm definitely loving the RED, WHITE & BLUE vibe that I'm seeing in my home. I have my basket from Laurel Grove, one of my favorite shops Guy's!! It fit's perfectly with this creation & the space. I added one of the hurricane vases with a pillar candle that come in a set of 3 at Walmart, I couldn't find the exact set, so I am adding the link to ones that are similar from Amazon. As the back layering piece, I have my vintage inspired American flag from Charlie James & Co. It's actually a lawn flag, the ones that you put out by your front door with a stake in the grass. But of course, I'm using it as a hanging piece. In the basket I also placed an architectural wood piece from a vintage door that still has the door knob hardware, I have it just leaning towards the back. I draped around the basket, a hand tied garland & a Pom Pom Garland from Buntingsnmore. To finish the creation, I have another architectural vintage wood door piece, this one still has the metal door knobs on both sides!!

TIP: Finding way to use piece's in more than ways than one, Like the flag in this post & mixing new & vintage. Knowing how to do that is key. there is a balance to create a seamless creation. It's not by how many pieces but the patina, how you lay the pieces & mix them up.



It's all about these Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves! I am so happy that we put these shelves up, they give me so much room to create with in my kitchen. I have kept pretty much everything as is on the shelves, I just added a Patriotic Vibe to them. I added several American Flags to a crock, tied my favorite blue gingham ribbon & I added 2 of the 3 Grain Sack Pillows from Abby at Itty Bitty Cottage. A very simple creation, by adding a few touches to tie it in with my Memorial Day theme. In this creation, less is more was my goal & I believe that I was able to achieve just that.



Let's end the week with a vintage vignette in honor of Memorial Day. I started the creation with one of my frames from my friend's shop Rococo Mercato, I added my vintage inspired American Flag from Charlie James & Co. Such a great flag to have in several of my creations. I placed another vintage item, my wired basket from Rococo Mercato, inside I placed a vintage bottle from Laurel Grove & an enamel pitcher with a few floral pieces from Afloral, White Anemone & Berries. I did check & these florals are still in stock & on SALE. Such a small vignette but with a hold lot of meaning.

TIP: Creating vignettes are so easy to do as you can do them anywhere in your home, I used a small space on my dining table for this vignette. When I create vignette's it's temporary that's why I can do them anywhere, kinda like a pop-up shop!

Well Guy's it was great to give tribute all week to the men & women who have served our Country to make it the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave. I salute you & I praise you. Thank you all so very much for making it another amazing week here on the blog & for always checking in on the website! All your love always keeps me so encouraged & thriving to do more.

Have an Amazing & Safe 3 day weekend!!


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