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Weekly Fav's! By You & Me.

Many moons ago, I used to blog every Friday on what our fav's was here at Country Chic Homes. Some were items I had brought into our home during the week or that I was dreaming about. Given that we are in a full-blown Holiday season, I am adding items you asked me to source for you. The posts will be more visual, with pictures & their appropriate links. I'll be sharing these items on my stories on IG daily. But instead of creating a highlight bubble on IG, truthfully, I'll forget to add them to the highlight. I will add them in the Weekly Fav's posts. The titles of the posts will be the same for all of the posts, but their tags will be different to keep them accessible for you to search for. I'll add as many tags pertaining to the pictures in the posts. You can find all of the posts under Weekly Finds! By You & Me. on the home page.

& if you would like me to search for a specific item, feel free to drop it in the comment section below & I will add it to the following post, but I will email you directly with your request. Remember, items are selling out super-fast, so if you see something that you love & need it either for yourself or a gift or even for a gathering, you don't want to wait.

Over the weekend, I will begin to work on Gift Guides; please let me know in the comments if you would like to work on a specific guide or items that you're looking for.

Thank you for being here. I truly appreciate you!

Coming to CCH:
Holiday Graphics
Gift Guides
Christmas Hutch Reveal
VICI Collection
Buffalo Check Tablecloth

Christmas prints

Spode drinkware

RW Rustic Hanging Bells - Set of 15, Handmade Indian Brass

Animal Heads Wall Decor, Faux Deer Head Mount, Animal

Jingle Bell Bottle Opener

Lahome Rustic Ruffled Linen Tablecloth - Cotton Linen

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