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Weekly Fav's! By You & Me.

How are we one week away from Thanksgiving? Okay, correction: in exactly a week, Thanksgiving 2023 will be in the past. Crazy huh? I know!

So, in this week's fav's, it was a slow week on my part of not sharing much, but I do have some amazing finds for you. I did the craziest thing ever & decided to make our third bedroom into part of my closet! Crazy huh? I know, LOL. Okay, that seems to be the theme of the post.

Given that I was consumed up to my neck with clothes, glassware & dishes, I didn't share everything I wanted. A few of these items may be new to you. Just roll with me while I get back on track. But... since next week is Thanksgiving week, I won't be posting on Friday; we'll resume regular posting the following week.

Now, on to sharing! They say sharing is caring, right?

Have a wonderful weekend & be merry.

P.S. our Christmas tree was requested, but unfortunately, Hobby Lobby didn't have it available on their website.... Crazy huh? I know!

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Christmas Hutch
VICI Collection Coat

Spode Christmas Glassware

Kitchen tongs

Glitter Star Garland

Green taper candles

Gold Taper Candles

VICI Collection

VICI Collection

VICI Collection

VICI Collection

DIME Beauty

Disco Ball

Wood Vintage Riser

Glass Cloche

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