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Weekly IG Squares

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Fridaaayyy! Such a great week on IG & on the blog all the fun & creations. Here at Country Chic Homes we're starting to feel all the Patriotic Vibes & giving y'all a few squares of it. So let's get right into each square & I'll attach any links to items that you're able to purchase.


All about the gold & the fern. Okay!! Omgeee it's so hard to keep plants alive, like seriously what's the trick? I've Googled so much on plants but something isn't right lol! I'm starting to think that faux is better in many of these plants. But that's a totally different chat. So for Tuesday's square I shared a wall space in my living room, with the shelf. I hung a vintage mirror & on the shelf I kept it simple with Fern, some books that I distressed & I added my brass candle holders. Placing them in different height variations gives the creation depth. Definitely the gold & green are a perfect match & compliment one another. It's definitely a Summer Vibe.

TIP: Add distressed books to give height to your creations.


Wide shot for Wednesday's square of our dining room. So much to see in 1 square, but I recieved so much love on the Vacancy sign. Sadly, there's no link & I didn't make it either. But it does look easy to create one. Our dining room has so much vintage goodness that I'm so happy it's our middle room of our home & we walk through it all day long. Sitting at the dining table, I'm always in awe of what I get to look at.


Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves!! Yassss best thing we ever added to our kitchen! I am able to create so much with these shelves, even though I only do it once a month. This week I added some 4th of July vibes to the shelves & to the peg rail. On the peg rail I added 3 kitchen towels from Charlie James and Co. so sweet & omgeee all the farmhouse 4th of July feels!! In between 2 shelves I hung my 4th of July wood decor frame also from Charlie James and Co. Again, with now knowing how to post full size pictures ya'll can see so much! I have my colanders & cutting boards hanging from the bottom shelf, something y'all would have never been able to see before.

NOTE: You can recieve 20% OFF your purchase at Charlie James & Co. with CCH20


Wrapping the week up with some vintage finds!! I shared a lot of this space with y'all on my Thursday stories with a few of my girls on IG for #thriftingwithtoni. Y'all know how much I love this space & it's really stays this way for a good part of the year. All my Mason Jars, Amber bottles & Vintage books live here & are only removed if they're part of a creation. What's behind that grain sack curtain?? Haha well it's a printer nothing to exciting so of course I needed to cover it up.

TIP: For delicate vintage pieces find a permanent home for them.

Well Guy's that's pretty much it, next week will be all 4th Of July all squares will be a tribute to our Beautiful Country definitely come on by & drop a comment or say Hey!

Have an Amazing Weekend!!


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