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Welcome To My Flower Shop. 7 Tips On How I Created My Shop

It feels like a while since CCH has been truly organized. For the past few seasons, I felt like I was living out of bins. So it was that time of year that I began to re-organize our home. Join me as I tackle some much-needed projects.

As a content creator, August - Christmas is definitely the time that I could better organize or keep CCH tidy, but until then, it has been a mess in our third bedroom with a mix of Fall, Halloween & Christmas decor. Between the end of July to the beginning of August is when I begin to organize our fall decor & set all the fall decor upfront & have it ready to go. I will also start pulling the Christmas bins forward, as I will need them in mid-October. As soon as I am finished with Fall styling, it gets packed away. I have already organized the Christmas decor just as I did the Fall decor. But halfway through the Christmas season, I come up with ideas on how to better manage our decor, closets, cabinets & everything in between. I'll stick with my decor in this post. Later in the week, I'll post about how I re-organized my closet.

When I am not using an item, it is in the garage, mainly organized. But I realized that it has been hard to get to, such as my candle holders & flowers. I use those two collections all the time & recently, I found myself grabbing the same ones over & over. I'll add tips that may help you get organized below (tap here for tips). What was front & center were my holiday bins, which could be outside that space, especially since I use those towards the end of the year. I rearranged all the bins the day after Christmas & made sure my florals & candle were easily accessible. I brought my metal shelf with five shelves on the other side of the garage. I placed all my candle holders on the middle shelf at eye level so I could quickly grab what I need & use my entire collection. I organized a mix of small faux plants, & pieces of floral that I like to keep as fillers for my arrangements. On the top shelf, I added my antique trays & wired baskets. Everything is accessible & I can see everything perfectly, allowing me to grab any item without having to move things around.

My florals take up a considerable part of my decor & it was getting a bit overwhelming with my old system. I have a pretty good size collection of faux flowers. My two main reasons why I choose faux over real are 1. Pepper is allergic to practically every natural flower 2. Cost it's so effective & I can reuse them over & over again without feeling guilty about throwing them away after a few days. Once in a while, I do splurge because I know I can reuse them. I have florals for every season, size & color. I have my Fall dried florals that are carefully stored away. I have a tip on how I keep them in another blog post that I will link here & below this post.

What You'll Need:

  • Wired shelves

  • Wastebaskets

  • Zip ties

  • Drill, screws & wood

The Details on how I organized my flowers. I started by adding a metal grid to the wall. It's a shelf that you would typically use in a closet. I went with two 16" x 72". The boyfriend attached it to the wall with screws. Since I went with two shelves, he added a piece of spare wood that we had & attached it to the wall in the middle where the two shelves would meet to give the structure strength & support both shelves evenly. We recommend that you do this as well. It comes in handy when adding baskets, AKA wastebaskets. We bought 18 wastebaskets from the Dollar Store. Each one is 12" in height. We also bought several square storage baskets from there. I am unable to link the exact baskets, I do not want to link others from other retailers as they are pretty pricey. If you have a Dollar Tree or Dollar Store, I recommend that you head on over. We purchased these because we knew we would have some odd spaces between the 12" baskets. I started with four baskets across. All of my taller branches are on the top row. To attach the baskets, we made three holes in the back of the wastebaskets & attached them with clear zip ties. To stay organized, I kept flowers together that were in the same season & style & kept them in color coordination. I used the square baskets toward the end of the grid.

Super easy to do & it makes such a huge statement! I love just walking up to my floral shop & quickly picking which flowers I will be using. I used to have my florals in containers that I would use in my styling, which made it impossible to use them as they were occupied & it always seemed like so much work to remove whichever florals were inside. Now I have all my containers organized next to my flower shop & are ready to go when I need them. I call this a win in organizing!

Tips For Organizing:

  1. Step back & look at what you need to organize. Will it remain in the same space, or will it be moved? My flowers remained in the garage just on the opposite side.

  2. Purchase or if you already have items that you will need to organize. I bought the shelves & waste baskets.

  3. Set up new space. Give yourself extra room just in case your collection grows. I anticipate growing my flower shop. I gave myself some distance to the left.

  4. Declutter. Toss out any items you no longer want, need, or are just garbage.

  5. Organize what you have either by season, color & size. I was able to do all three. Doing so will be easier for you & easy on the eye.

  6. Allow enough time for you to get it done. If I have to go back several times, I lose track of my vision & I start to clutter the new space.

  7. Final tip: Use containers you will not need for other projects or styles. Since this was a big project, everything I used is permanent in this space.

This was a space that was such an eye sore in more ways than one & now it is my flower shop that I can quickly go up to & shop. I don't have pictures before, only after. Haha, I never thought it was picture-perfect to take a picture. After finishing this space, I needed to create a few arrangements & how nice it was to walk right up & quickly grab what I needed without creating more of a mess or searching for a container.

Is there a space in your home that you need to re-organize? Do you have flowers that need to be organized? I'd love to hear about what you need to tackle; hopefully, you'll do it soon; it'll be all worth it.

I appreciate you so much for stopping by today & I have inspired you to tackle a space in your home. Remember to share CCH with your family & friends!



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