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Well, Hello There 2023

Happy New Year! Cheers to 365 days of new beginnings, new chances & to a brand-new book of your life; make it a fantastic book!

As I reflect on 2022, I want to thank you all so much for being here with the growth of myself & of Country Chic Homes. You have encouraged me with every new venture flop, or great I learned & you cheered me on. I hope you have found whatever you needed from me, finding your own cozy space, an item from my shop, or a link from something I have shared over on the gram. I am here to share a little bit of my world with you & you have allowed me to do just that. That is why I continue to grow & come up with new ways to keep you entertained. So I thank YOU!!!

Looking forward to 2023, & I am excited to see what is coming. I know that for CCH, I am pushing it more & more & wanting my visions to be seen all over. I want to grow this platform that I call home; I want to post more blog posts about what inspires me & what I am doing here at CCH. I want to bring friends along in my newsletters just as I did during the Holiday season. I want to see more of them here so you can get to know them too. As for my posting on Instagram, I don't know if I will be posting daily. I want to post genuine content when I do & not for the algorithm. I want to allow myself breaks in between & find that balance with CCH on social media. I want to give this platform more attention than I have ever done before. With that, I need your help to share CCH with family & friends, have them check it out & hopefully, they will feel inspired to subscribe just as you have. I want to give back to you for being here either in discounts, a feature in my weekly newsletters, or freebies, so look out for those in the weekly newsletters, as those are only exclusive to subscribers. We can now chat when you are on here; how cool is that? I typically reply within the hour or even right away. Regardless, you can find me here, on Instagram, LTK & over on Pinterest, doing what I love & what I believe is truly what calms my soul.

I wish for you to grow where you felt that you could no longer grow, for a healthy & prosperous year & most of all, to find joy in everything you do. & when days are tough, may you see the light of tomorrow.

I'd love to know your new year's wish or resolution. Drop it in the comments of this post & I hope it comes to light!

Happy New Year Cheers To 2023!!!
XO Ali

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