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What I am Up to

A new week ahead! It was a pretty calm weekend here at Country Chic Homes this weekend. I was able to get a lot of admin work done for CCH & continue to prep for our Pop-Up Shop on April 30th. Over on Instagram, I announced who will be joining Angie & I. I'll add their handles here so you can show them some CCH love.

Home Style Pop - UP

Cake Creations

Coffee Fueled Mamas

Upcycle By Amy

Monarca Valley Flower

Lily The Flower

Lai Lai Bowtique

I was able to create a spring tablescape that I will be sharing tomorrow on my social media platforms. I will send out a blog post too with more pictures as on SM I'll be breaking it up by videos & still photos. That's another good reason to subscribe to Country Chic Homes if you're not already. I send out more deets on styled spaces before other platforms. I realize that I haven't been styling as much as I love to, I have planned a day to restyle several spaces this week. With the shop & the upcoming event, I have been super busy getting it all done. Believe me, when I tell you, I miss styling, it's my way of showing my creativity & it calms my soul. So, I am excited to get these spaces restyled & pictured.

Later in the week, I'll be changing things in my shop space I love how easy it is to pull items together that have been ordered. During the weekend I moved my shipping space into our guest bedroom & it has made a world of difference prepping & packaging the orders. It is sometimes the smallest changes that make a world of difference.

I am planning to release a few items from the new inventory soon. It's like I am re-opening again & there's so much to do with the new inventory. I have added on the back end of CCH 2 new categories to the shop, Bath & Garden. I am so excited to be launching these 2 new categories soon. I know I already have a bath section, but it holds all the soaps eventually I will be moving all the soaps under the Soap category only. I tell you there's so much that goes on the admin part of it all, but I enjoy every bit of it & feel super grateful doing what I love to do. Just bear with me as it all comes together, I promise you will love every bit of it too!

Okay, I'll let you go, for now, come back tomorrow to see some tablescape inspiration!

Have a lovely Monday & week ahead!


A Little Change… Before


Home Style Pop - Up Event

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