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What's Fall Without A Fall Hutch?

Did you think I had forgotten to style our kitchen hutch for Fall? No, I just hadn't had the time to sit and write about it, LOL!

& it has arrived the seasonal fall hutch styling! In mid-July, I knew how I would be styling the famous kitchen hutch here at Country Chic Homes. It would be different than past years & it wouldn't take too much to do & it would be fast & easy. The storage of the items that are in the hutch would take time.

I wanted this year's fall hutch to only hold pumpkins, to exactly nine giant orange pumpkins, all faux, of course, as they would be there for a while. I wanted three pumpkins for each shelf & I would center each one perfectly. I started looking as I thought it would take some time to find the perfect ones. Nope, in one look, I found them! & better yet, they were so affordable I couldn't believe it! I didn't want to break the bank this season & I didn't want to buy anything either. I want to say I am set on fall decor. Haha, did I really just that? I sure did! Not only am I set, but I'm all storage out. It was either getting rid of stuff before buying new items & since I loved what I already had, why sell & buy new? Since I had found the perfect pumpkins & for $15 a piece, I was okay with buying them as I did give myself a small budget & it was mostly going towards finding the perfect pumpkins for the hutch. But since they're faux, I can continue to reuse them for years to come. They are better than I expected, too, the size & the details make them look good. The orange is perfect, too; the color is a muted orange, not a bright plastic orange.

There wasn't much to it; I just literally cleared everything off the shelves & wiped them down. I placed the pumpkins into their place & that's it! Now, if everything else was this easy. For picture purposes, I added nine votive candles to give them more depth & warmth.

The simple fall hutch can be easily done in your home with any pumpkins or fall decor; to keep it simple, repeat the pattern with the same item. Who said a hutch needs to hold dishware? Pumpkins look fantastic!


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