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When you love clothes, shoes & then some

Let's chat about storage, closet space & the love for all things fashion & beauty in today's post. I can say safely we all have the same problem, Love vs. Space.

If you have been seeing me over on stories for the past year, you probably noticed that I started sharing more than just home decor. I started sharing clothing, beauty products, accessories & just a little more of my style. At first, I was shy about sharing that part of me. I wasn't going to be talking about a candle or a throw blanket. I was going to share with you what I wear & that's up close into a mirror & all. Especially when I say my sizes, or I have shared my intimate apparel. Honestly, there is no shame in wearing anything cozy. I'll share with you five easy tips on what may help you when organizing a closet just like mine where there is no construction involved.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Declutter either toss or donate.

  2. Organize by season. Have the season you're in up front & center

  3. Have the same style hangers through out

  4. Get creative I used a bookshelf that I'll mention below

  5. Get clear shoe boxes with doors that have the opening in the front. This helps so much so all your shoes are accessible & you don't have to move them around to get to the middle or bottom box

As for my decor, I have loved style for as long as I can remember & when I say style, I refer to clothes, shoes, accessories & beauty products. We all have a specific style & we should carry it well. We each have our own style; the rest is just the merchandise we choose to wear. Where & how do you organize or store it all? I have been very clever throughout my years. At times I've had the tiniest closets & had to make do. One time I had to remove the vanity from my bedroom to add some closet space. It was a bathroom that was set up with a vanity separate from the shower & toilet space. Thankfully the vanity took up an entire wall in my room. I've had to cover up windows too to place, oh my hutch! She once held my jeans! I've made do every time & have figured out ways to gain more storage space. What's the saying? "Where there is a will, there is a way" Absolutely the truth.

I was lucky enough to have my walk-in closet in my current home. Small, but it had the space & potential that I needed. I've been in my home for almost two years & recently, last week, I decided to get creative & add more storage. In this case, I couldn't add space, so I needed to bring items that would give me storage & keep my things organized. I keep all my clothes, shoes & accessories in my closet. My coats & jackets are in our spare / office room & the hall closet. My closet is shaped in an L with two rods, one longer than the other. Five cubbies, 5 of them, sit on the rods, making an L shape shelf along the top. It's a pretty good layout to start with. But I needed just a tad more. So, I'll chat in the next paragraph about what I added last week.

For the most part, everything was organized, just tightly & that is why I go thru my closet frequently & donate items that I haven't used in a year. I am getting better at letting things go. Okay, so I brought in a bookcase that has five shelves & clear shoe boxes. For the shoe boxes, I bought two different styles. Both have an opening in the front, but one opens outward & the other style opens to the left. I needed both types due to the layout of the bookcase & cabinet. I had already brought in a long shelf with two shelves when I moved in. I have a small bathroom-style cabinet that has four baskets.

How it all comes together ~

I am a person that loves to hang my blouses, t-shirts, dresses & skirts. I fold my jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters (cardigans & dusters I hang), shorts & cozy home wear. What needs to be hung is hung on the rods all my styles & color coordinated with velvet hangers. The hangers are a game changer. I have used them for years now & love them. On the shelf beneath the longer rod, I have all my denim folded on half of the middle shelf. It's a bit cramped, but I am still going thru a few that I may donate, as I last wore them a while ago. On the top shelf, I have my basket of socks & a few odd pieces. I have no idea why I am holding onto them at this point. At the very bottom, I added two rows of clear shoe boxes. Now for the five-shelf case, it keeps my sunglass cases, hats, purses, & winter accessories in a basket, & two rows of shoe boxes. I will transition the winter accessories with my flip-flops when the time comes. I have my jewelry in the small cabinet in two of the baskets. One is for my bracelets & the other is for my necklaces. The other two are for personal items that just are kept. I do have that basket that we all have on top of the tall case that has anything & everything in it that we all say we'll get to it eventually. I also have two hanging peg rails, one for my large summer hats & the other for my everyday necklaces & bracelets that I wear. That's it, nothing crazy, no dramatic add-ins. It works & I enjoy how it all came together & fits perfectly.

Items Used:
  • 5 shelf bookcase

  • two style clear shoecases

  • Cabinet

  • Sunglass cases

  • Velvet hangers

  • New rug

Sometimes we live with a space that isn't fully functional just because or maybe we think it would be too much work or pricey. But if you work with what you already have & add a few essential pieces that are needed, it is so worth it. Have you needed more space in your closet? Or have you tackled it? If so, what did you do? Add your answers or comments below to this blog post.

This wraps up our week of organization with today's post & my flower shop. I have switched up our schedule here this week. Instead of sharing Wednesday's Newsletter, I am sharing it on Friday. It'll have many updates on CCH on what you'll be seeing here & over on Instagram. If you haven't subscribed to the blog/newsletters, this would be a great time to do so, as there will be something special for subscribers. I shared a total of four blog posts this week. Most of you received them on Monday, as there was a glitch on the back end of how you were notified of a new post. You were not receiving any notifications. We're back on track now, I hope! I didn't resend my Christmas message; I'll link it here so you can read it if you like. Thank you for being here & for joining me again. I genuinely appreciate you & remember to share CCH with your friends & family.

I hope I have given you the proper steps to find a way to balance Love vs. Space in our collections, or anything for that matter, in my tips above. It's all achievable.


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