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Where Did You Get That?

Hey Guy's!!

Happy Monday Evening :) I hope you guy's had an amazing Monday, first Monday of 2020!! I did!!

Well let's get to it... Where did you get that? I get that question all the time of many of my items that I use in my creations. So, I am going to share with you my favorite places to shop at. Some are local shops, online & big stores that we all know. I like to gather items as I see them in the store. I see something, I look at it & usually it comes to me on how I will create with it or where I want it in my home. It's funny though, usually I have to hold the item in my hand for a bit, then place it in my cart. I have two sections in my cart, the MUST & let me think about it. I must admit a lot of the items go to the MUST side. I don't like to buy expensive items, the reason for this is, cause I am always re-creating so a creation will only be up for about a week to maybe a week in a half. Of course with Christmas that's completely different, the only spaces that change are my dining table & coffee table. I love to use vintage & rustic pieces, they have so much character & really they're one of a kind pieces. I think I'll do a blog on vintage later. So here's my list of my go-to's.

Local Shops:

  • Rococo Mercato... I find so much there from new pieces to vintage one of a kind items. They carry small kitchen ware, decor, textiles, jewelry to big decor pieces such as furniture. It's local & with affordable prices!! My favorite local store :)

  • Reclaimed Building Material... Great find, I've only gone a few times and its awesome. I have found some amazing rustic pieces there. They have a huge selection onf reclaimed wood, great for mantels. There's a room of hardware too with some glass knobs.

  • Sequoia Floral... Love this place if I need seeded or silver dollar eucalyptus in bulk. They have a great seasonal items too, towards the end of the season or holiday, they do a good sale.

Online Stores:

  • Etsy: Of course!! Many of my friends have their shops on Etsy. If I need a custom piece, Etsy is my place to go. My list is too long of my favorite shops. but a few are..

  • Shutter Tree Photos, Ceci Scrap book and More, The Wooden Frame, Buntingsnmore, Black Dog Creations & Shamara Pretty Things, I could go on forever...

  • Facebook Marketplace: Seriously hands down!! The best!! I sell & buy from there. It's quick & easy. It's kinda, one mans trash it another man's treasure kinda place. I have found some amazing pieces. You can set your mile radius to what ever you want, I keep mine close. Great place!

  • Amazon: Well I buy so much from Amazon just in general but really what I buy from Amazon for my creations is my taper candles. Reason for this, like I mentioned before I like to fell & touch the items.

Stores we all know:

  • Target: Okay we all love Target, I will admit though, I mostly but from the dollar spot. Any other section of the store if the items is on sale. I go to the dollar spot as it's the first thing that greets me as I walk in. I buy a lot of my quick season pieces there or if I need a fill in item for a space in a creation.

  • Big Lots: I actually found a lot of really good items from there for Christmas, my favorite small faux tree's are from there. I have also gone there for some kitchen items too, like big mason storage jars. And they're affordable too!

  • Marshalls, TJMaxx & Home Goods: Do I really need to go into detail about these chains?? HAHAH okay, so I think all of my platters, kitchen bowls, bedding & textiles are from these stores. You can find some brand names at amazing prices. I like to go to all 3 when I have the time when I am totally re - doing my bedding as you can find different pieces. Just be careful... it does add up :)

  • Michael's: I love the florals, super affordable & great quality too. Decor items are good too, I think I buy when its on sale, only when its a must have item.

Well Guy's I think that kinda sums up my go-to places. I love saving & finding deals on great pieces. I try to buy pieces that I can use more than once & during different season that will transition into a new creation. When I share on social media, I do try to tag or mention where it's from.

Alright that's all for now!!

Love & Peace


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