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White & Fluffy

Hey Guy's!!!

Okay so if y'all know me I absolutely love pillows, throw pillows any pillows! My bed is pretty much a bed of cozy pillows. Hahaha I think right now total I have 17 pillows on me bed!! We only sleep with 2! & no it's not a hassle to make or un-do the bed but... I'm the only one that does it. I have it down to a T & it only takes a minute. I'll have to do a post of just my bed! So for now let's chat about my DIY pillowcases.

As easy it is to just buy on Amazon or any other store, my DIY of simple pillowcases is so affordable & best of all you too can create them! Choose your fabric, if anything that's were it can get pricey. I try to stay within $4.99 & less per yard. For these I am using muslin priced at $2.99, I bought 5 yards. I buy my fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, they're affordable & offer great coupons on top of their sale prices. I've created a few different styles but the one basic that I want to share with y'all is the most easiest one to do. I'll show y'all in another post how I add a ruffle to the basic pillowcase. After choosing your fabric & how much you'll need, you'll also need an All Purpose Zipper, I usually go with 18". I don't like forcing my pillow into the pillowcase, so 18" is a good length. I also purchase the zippers at Jo-Ann's including the thread I'll be using. Now to fill your pillowcases. Since I mostly create for throw pillows or accent pillows, I use Poly-Fil it's manageable & you can create your pillowcase as big or as small as you like without being stuck to a certain size. & using Poly-Fil makes them so cozy! Walmart price is the best price at $9.88 for a 50Ooz bag. Now that you have all your items to create, let me give you the DIY deets!

  • Choose what size you want your pillowcase,

  • Fold over, matching corners to make sure everything is lined up

  • Cut fabric, NOT on crease. The crease is the top of your pillowcase

  • Fabric should be turned inside out, you'll be sewing the inside of the pillowcase.

  • I don't create a hem, I just sew straight through since I am sewing the inside. You'll be sewing the 2 sides first. Leave 1/2" un-sewn.

  • For the bottom, you'll be sewing the zipper on. First fold over to create a hem to have a clean line, DO NOT sew.

  • With the zipper closed, lay flat on one side of the folded hem & sew straight across. Now you have half of the zipper sewn on the pillowcase

  • Open the zipper & lay flat on the un-sewn folded hem, sew straight across

  • Turn your pillowcase revealing your pillowcase. Cut any thread strands you can see

  • Stuff your pillowcase & zip it & OMGEEE!! You did it!! You created your pillowcase, so simple to do, clean & perfect!

That's it Guy's!! Total DIY at it's finest.

Let me know what you think & show me if you create your very own, I'd love to see them! You can email me or send me a DM on IG.

Lookout for the post on how to add a ruffle! Coming atcha very soon!!




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