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Winter & Celebrations

Here we are at the end of the week, a good one. This is our first Friday end-of-the-week post. I'll make it quick, as we have a lot to do to wrap up the week & enjoy the weekend officially.

We chatted a lot over on Instagram & I shared a ton of stories. I shared Valentines, housewares, clothes & of course, shoes. Oh & of course, sweet Pepper's first collaboration with The Fuzzy Pet! Out of everything you watched of CCH, you need to head over to watch his reels. He is a star, or shall I say #instafamous We also celebrated here at CCH, my son's 25th birthday! Haha, he's old haha. We'll leave it at that.
Since I am only sharing a few days out of the week, posts will be easy to share here. I'll break them up by the day. As for story slides, I'll share what I have shared on LTK to keep it smooth. Okay, let's get started.


Woods & Whites. A simple vignette in the kitchen. A picking basket with winter-frosted twigs/branches. I'll add pictures of how simple winter can be but beautiful.


Pepper's BIG day! He has collaborated with The Fuzzy Pet. He has his very own discount code, 50PEPPER. For any of your purchases, you can receive 50% OFF.


I shared my first winter tablescape of the season. I have an entire blog post on the tablescape; I'll link it here.

I'll be working on creating a few spring mood boards to share next week. Let me know in this post if there were something that you would like me to look for.

I received the first assortment of flowers I will be listing in the Spring Shop yesterday. I sent out an email with the announcement. I must say, they're beautiful! The Floral Shop will open next Thursday, January 19th, at 6 am PST.

Thanks for another fabulous week; you make CCH a lot brighter & with every day that passes, I am even more grateful to have you be a part of this journey with me.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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