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Winter Tablescape

There's something so beautiful about ironstone on a table. I pulled a few stacks to create this simple winter tablescape and other items.

I wanted to create a winter tablescape, but I wanted it to be simple as I find that winter is simple. I know that many people get the "winter blues" Well, I brought out my blue transferware plates to balance out the moody blues. I don't get the winter blues, especially when creating & styling spaces. Taking pictures has been an issue as California has rainy winter storms. This means our typical sunny state has been gloomy all of January & the last week of January. But that didn't stop me when I styled my table. I waited patiently for that sun to pop in, even if it was for a few minutes.

I created this tablescape for a table of four, with two seatings on each side of the table. I kept it all simple by bringing out my large round ironstone plates, stacked the blue transferware & topped it off with a saucer white ironstone plate. I added my vintage mix-matched napkins & antique silverware placed gently on each one. For glassware, I didn't go with vintage. I used our daily vintage-inspired glassware from the Dollar Store / Dollar tree. They have that perfect touch of vintage to them & are substantial to be used daily. I bought mine years back when they were indeed a dollar. Now they're possibly $1.25. Still very reasonable if you're looking for clear vintage-inspired glassware. I used one of my vintage tablecloths to bring all four settings together. It is a small one but fits perfectly for a table of 4.

Since guests would be sitting across from one another & keeping with the simple vibe, I kept the centerpiece pleasing to the eye & simple. I used one of my small ironstone pitchers & added my Amaryliss that I recently added to my collection. To bring the romance into winter, I used the white pillar candles I placed in a glass cylinder vase. These candles permanently stay in these cylinders, as I love how the wax cascades down onto the bottom of the glass. The flame of the candles sits low to where you can enjoy the ambiance. But always be careful when passing things across the table. My vintage candelabra is still above the table. I am having such a hard time switching it out. It just looks so beautiful. But very soon, it will, as I have a few things coming up soon.

You can create a simple winter tablescape like mine. You can use white plates if you don't have ironstone or stoneware. I have a set from the Dollar Store; they're great to have in your dishware collection. The theme for the tablescape is winter, but the color palette is just whites & a touch of blue. You can incorporate light blue linens or candles. It slowly brings color into your home as we prepare for spring. Although blue, I love to have it around CCH all year round.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog post, let me know by commenting on this blog post below. Please comment below if you have a tip for a winter tablescape that you have created.

Speaking of spring, if you caught my newsletter, you read that I will be launching the Spring Shop in one week!! Spring florals have arrived & I am busy getting them posted & ready to go. There are limited quantities, so get started if you see something you love.

Remember to share CCH with your family & friends! I love having all of you here!


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