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Wood Crate

Hey Guy's!!!

Coming atcha right now to chat about last nights #beautifuldecorstyles. I absolutely love doing these post, so much fun & so much talent. Hopefully you enjoy seeing all who participate, their squares are amazing.

Alright so this Monday night I kept it simple & elegant, so I think. I placed my wood crate on the floor in our dining room in between the curtains.. honestly cause I had no idea where else to put it. So I tossed in some books that I had distressed before with one of the Potter Barn Bunnies & my favoriterose bouquet in a target find basket. Little did I know when I did so, it would be my Monday post. Once I opened up the curtains & the sun came in, I started taking pictures. Once I saw how beautiful it looked all together... I knew this was it, I had my post.

See Guy's sometimes creating is that easy & simple. Look around your home & snap some pics & see your home through a lens to see the beauty.

Short post, but with so much love & idea. Like in a previous post of shopping your home for decor items, take pictures of what's already created, open curtains & take pictures at different angles.

I'd love to see if you do any of the above tips. Tell me, talk to me!!

Thank you for all your love, greatly appreciate each & every one of you!!



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