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WOW! So Beautiful

Every day I am inspired by all things beautiful, but something about the holiday season sparkles just a bit brighter. Is it the twinkling lights, the yummy food, the giving to others? Maybe it's a joyful time when everything seems just right to embrace every moment & see all the beauty this season has to offer.

Here at CCH, I have finished decking the halls & I can sit back & relax. I can scroll through feed & see all the glorious pictures & reels. & boy, oh boy, there are so many to see! I have picked out another round to share with you here. Like last week, each picture will have the owner's name, IG handle & the IG link to their IG.

Is your mouth watering yet, or are you in awe of how beautiful Anne's Eggnog Bundt Cake is? I did both when I came across this on my feed! Anne has a way of sharing delicious recipes & making them look so beautiful on her Instagram page @ginghamandbows. You will likely find a recipe or two that you can create for your next gathering, haha, or even for yourself. Oh yeah! in this post she added the recipe on the last picture.


The simplicity of this picture is just immaculate. I was immediately drawn to every detail that I could see. Nothing is oversized here, just all very well placed & proportioned that mix very well together. The neutral palette is very calming to the eye, something that always draws me into Mari's Instagram feed @anangelinmyhome head on over & see the beauty of every post she shares.


Every post, I ask myself how does Vibeke do that; how does she make everything look so beautiful & effortlessly. I once again asked myself that when I saw her Gingerbread house, all the details in this one post. On her Instagram @vibekedesign post, she shares a carousel of these pictures, with the last being a video. You'll be in awe & ask yourself the same question I do.


Here we're again with another delicious recipe from Anne. Mini Bundt Cakes, how perfect are they? Their sugared cranberries & dripping icing are ideal for anyone to enjoy. You can find Anne on her Instagram page @ginghamandbows.


From the baked orange slices to the gingerbread house & sweet gingerbread men, this square captured me to see multiple pictures Vibeke added to this post. All laid out perfectly sets the mood for the holidays. You can see this post, along with her other posts, on Vibeke's Instagram @vibekedesign.


Christmas is soon approaching & I am enjoying every bit of it. I hope you're too, or at least soon you will be. I would love to hear what you enjoy about the holiday season. What is one thing unique that you like to do or create? Please leave it in the comment section of this blog post.

Thank you for being here & for taking the time to read & be inspired by my friend's talents. I wish you a wonderful weekend.



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