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How To Create Beautiful Centerpieces For Your Table At Thanksgiving

Several of my friends & I from over on Instagram would like to you take a seat & enjoy our Thanksgiving Tablescapes. We all have created three each to share with you.

Below you'll find pictures & links to each of the authors' blog sites. Please hop on over to each for all the details into each table. We hope that you'll be inspired by us & will incorporate our inspirations into your tablescapes this Thanksgiving.

Country Chic Homes

I focused my tablescapes on creating elaborate centerpieces. That would not be in the way of your guests as they enjoy their meal & still be able to have conversations with one another without the interference of the centerpieces. Either if they're sitting side by side or across from one another.

In all three pictures, you can see that the centerpieces are at the end of the table, low enough or above them. As for the settings, I love to incorporate layers & different types of textures to create depth. Miss-matching my glassware is also lovely as it creates a cozy esthetic vibe. Since these photos are for inspiration, I would switch the candles and use battery operated to prevent accidents. Doing so is essential as your guests pass food around the table.


  • Have chilled water in glass bottles at each end of the table & in the center. You can place them in a small crock or a low ice bucket to prevent condensation on your table or decorations.

  • Have batteries on hand for your candles.

* Links to my tablescapes can be found on my LTK

I created the centerpiece using my favorite over-the-table rod. I used three 10" vine wreaths & placed corn & corn husks inside. I added votives inside of jars; this is also a safe way to use candles if you choose to.

In this tablescape, I created the centerpiece at the end of the table by using a copper tub that I recently found at our local antique fair—I added some pear stems & fall foliage to create height but not in the way of my guests. I used one of my tips by placing a vintage French glass bottle with water. One is in the middle, as the seating is for four. On the other end of the table, I placed a salad bowl for my guests to serve more if they chose.

For my last tablescape, I did a combo of two tablescapes. I wanted to bring in Fall's finest decor, its foliage. I placed the foliage inside a basket at the end of our kitchen island. In the center, I brought in a vintage plate rack to showcase some of my brown ironstone transferware. My guests could grab one if they were to need another plate. Here is a perfect example of where I would switch out the candles to battery-operated ones instead. Everyone has the same silverware, but everything else is mismatched, including the chairs.

From all of us at Country Chic Homes, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. May your food be tasty, your table be grand & most of all, grateful to be gathered once again. ~

Don't forget to stop on by my friend's tables, they have a chair waiting for you. Feel Free to share this post with your family & friends & even to subscribe.


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