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7 Tips for Decorating a Flocked Tree

Update: We shared our Christmas Tree & have added new pictures below 🎄

Hello! Christmas is in full force here at CCH & our tree has finally received her first round of ornaments, boy does she keep better!

Vintage crystals & cozy vibes are my themes for our tree, well, for now. But how did I deal with the flock on me?

I had always wanted a flocked tree, especially one that I would need to get our step stool to get to the top to add ornaments & adding her star to the very top. Before I tell you how I decorated her, I want to chat about how she secretly arrived. I ordered her in September & also me with measurements aren't always the best. When she came, I didn't open the box as we all know that once you open up a Christmas tree box, it's a never-ending story to get the tree to fit back in again. I didn't want to alarm the boyfriend that another tree had found their way to our home, so I hid the large box on "my side" of the garage. I don't know if he ever saw the large white box on the other side of the garage, I would like to think he never did. Haha, I tried to add blankets on top & other items. But I made sure to turn the box around so he wouldn't see that it was another tree. Oh, yeah, the description said, 9' I looked up to our ceiling & thought to myself, "oh yeah, it'll fit." Ordered & Received.

The day came & it was the reveal day for me & everyone else at home. I was hoping it was what I had ordered. I opened up the box & yup, and there she was in four sections. Honestly, I had expected it to be messy to get out of the box, but she wasn't. As I started to take out the first levels of her, I soon realized she was going to be tall, 9'. I had asked the boyfriend earlier in the day at Home Depot about how tall our ceilings were. He said around 9'. I walked over to the Christmas trees that they had displayed & found the 9'; hmm, that's when I became concerned. As I brought in the first sections, it was all eyes on me & these two large pieces. I decided to wait until he fell asleep to continue. Well, I'll fast forward & say I will not add any topper, star, or angel. She's pretty cozy to my ceiling, and there's absolutely no room at all. After several days the initial shock had worn off on everyone, so it was time to decorate her.

The flocking stuck to every part of clothing. I even made the mistake of going into my closet to switch out of my now-flocked sweatshirt. I still wanted to rescue my sweatshirt, the part that wasn't flocked. Of course, I was able to get it out of my hair, but it sure loves sherpa. In the last hour of my night, I sat in my closet, picking off the flocking of a cozy sweater that was an innocent stand-by. Okay, pass all that, I think one should wear jeans & an old t-shirt, not black, just a simple t-shirt. On the day of decorating, she didn't shed at all, I think it was just the initial of getting her out of the box, but she was so worth the shed! I'll add the link to my tree at the end of the post.

I decided to add my vintage glass & gold icicles, along with a few creme & gold ornaments.


  1. Wear old clothes. Flocked trees love cozy sherpa.

  2. Trim in a few stages, sit back & look to see where you will need to add or take from.

  3. No fuzzy socks; barefoot is a good alternative. Turn on your heater because you might get cold.

  4. Let your tree sit for a few days to adjust & let her loose flock fall off, all from shipping. Luckily I love a naked tree & mine came with lights.

  5. Be gentle when hanging your ornaments, my tree has thick branches & the flocking is heavy at the tip of each branch, like snow would be.

  6. For my style of tree, I placed the ornaments a few inches back from the tip.

  7. Turn on Christmas music.

  8. Sit back & enjoy; Christmas has arrived once you put your tree up.

Soon she will have all of her ornaments, stay tuned.

Christmas Tree
Vintage Gold & Glass Icicles Have Been Added

Update: A few posts back, I mentioned rebranding CCH. I will link that post below.

After discussing with my team what I wanted for my result, our date to launch the website's new look will take a bit longer than expected. Today I approved the rough draft of three pages of CCH. I am in awe of I can't wait to share it with you! So beautiful & the vibe that I have wanted for my brand. I created my website on my own, and I did okay, but there was an entire world of SEO & other technical issues that were beyond me. So as that is being fixed, I decided to take it to the next level. That is with a new look for the website, newsletter, IG upgrade & the new logo. You might not have noticed, but with a bit of shifting, it has a significant impact.

I look forward to seeing it all come together & share it with you.

Christmas Tree
A Chunky Knit Throw Blanket As Our Tree Skirt


I am booked through Christmas with guests in our newsletters. Thank you so much to all who have joined me in this new venture. I am planning on what topics to cover in the coming year. If you would like to be in our newsletter as a decor stylist or small business or would like to share a recipe, send me an email, and let's chat!

Next Week on Insta

Monday: A Christmas Hutch

Tuesday: Christmas Tree

Wednesday: Living Room Mantle

Thursday: Dining Table Centerpiece

Friday: Bedroom Mantle

Holiday Season

I have shared with you what I am doing here at CCH for the season. What would you like me to cover? Do you have a specific topic that you want me to cover? I want this space where you come & seek inspiration & share with your family & friends. Add your comment to this post, thank you!

Thank you so very much for being present with me. I appreciate you more than you know.

Have a wonderful weekend!



P.S. Our Christmas Shop is in full swing, head on over.

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