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Tips On How to Decorate Your Hutch for Christmas

We have been giving our hutch at CCH a lot of attention lately since giving her a new look a few months ago. So, of course, I would decorate her for Christmas with our vintage finds & garlands.

This year I wanted her to stand out & be the focus of our kitchen. But honestly, I didn't know what I was going to do. I knew that I wanted to use my bottle brush Christmas trees. I also knew I wanted the top outside of the hutch to have layers of garlands. I'll add my tips next, as they're essential when creating any themed space. I followed them the second time around to decorate her.

  • Create a plan/idea of what you want your hutch to look like

  • Choose if you'll be restyling it several times throughout the season.

  • Gather your items. See if you'll need any new pieces for your vision, including supplies such as batteries, hooks, etc.

  • Decorate in stages. I am learning this season not to style any ample space all at once but rather in stages. I allowed myself three days to decorate our hutch that included photos & videos. Our hutch is big, so I needed to ensure I got it right the second time.

  • Every time you style a section, step back & see how it's going.

  • Even take a few pictures & look at them, see if you like them or need to adjust.

  • I create in odd numbers, usually 1,3 & 5, by grouping them together.

  • Layer in different height levels. Doing so keeps the eye moving instead of focusing on one level.

Decorating for a holiday or specific theme can become overwhelming very quickly. You can take all these tips or even just one to help you through the holiday season or any space that feels overwhelming to you. Just remember to start with a concept & know that it's okay if it doesn't happen on the first try.

How I ended up decorating our hutch inside & out

As mentioned above, I knew I wanted to use my bottle brush trees. When I started to decorate, I placed the trees anywhere in no particular pattern. I had many of my own tips down, but something was just off. As I took a few pictures to view them, I quickly realized I didn't like it. I had the concept, but it was off a bit. I had what I needed, but I was missing something too. I started over but instead of randomly placing the trees anywhere. I separated them by color to create a subtle rainbow effect. I created four levels; each level had a different color of trees. I grouped several in 3's. What I added next definitely did the trick! I brought out our vintage Santa mugs & pitchers. From there, I started adding trees to some of the mugs & to the other ironstone pieces that live in the hutch all year round. The strand of lights was the last to be added to the inside of the hutch. I use Cork strands lights as the length is perfect & there aren't any wasted lights or wires being crossed over. I took my final step back, and she was perfect now on to the garlands on top.

I had my garlands, but I brought out one that had felt red balls. As I put it up with the other garlands, I quickly brought it down as the red was very overpowering to the rest of the space. Since my main garland has red holly berries, that was enough to bring color to this part of the hutch. There is a hint of red on the outer side glass, too, our Gingerbread garland from our friend Rosana from Nest of Petals. You can use my discount code for 10% OFF COUNTRYCHIC10. I cascaded two strands of bottle brush tree inside a jar that lit up, a bell garland, & our CCH Star garland. I created the total effect of the garland as a swagged garland. Due to this, I ended up needing four styles of garland to give it a fuller look. I used clear zip ties to secure each garland to one another. All done & complete. I can live with this style all the way through Christmas. I hope you enjoy the reels that I have created & have shared over on insta. The final one will be shared later today, so stay tuned.

I have linked all the items that I could link for you over on my LTK.

Pepper, our sweet boy

Pepper is our 11-year-old Yorkie, or as we like to refer to him, our baby. This week he wasn't feeling his best due to his trachea collapse. He has been dealing with this for over a year now. This week was the worse flare that we have ever experienced, let alone him. We felt helpless but not hopeless. We have an appointment with an Internal Medicine Dr on Wednesday, November 16th. We're hoping for a better management regime & of course, a positive outcome.

A Christmas Miracle
Pepper & I Christmas 2021

I am here to inspire you & share a part of my personal life; Pepper is a huge part of my life. When I rescued him almost six years ago, I promised him that I would give him the best life & never expect anything in return, not realizing he was giving me the greatest love of all.

Next Week On Insta

  • Bathroom restyle

  • Thanksgiving Tablescape x 18 with friends

  • Christmas tree ready

  • Dining table centerpiece

  • Mantle in our bedroom

Tune in to our stories over on Instagram as I started this week sharing coffee table Christmas Centerpieces. I have a saved highlight titled Xmas Centerpieces. You can see more pictures on our home page here.

Our Christmas Shop is stocked & ready. If you haven't seen our new items for the season, head on over. & as always, please share our blog post & site with your friends & family. If you're not subscribed, you can subscribe on our Blog Home Page. Once you do, you'll receive our weekly newsletters that I send every Wednesday & Our Friday blog posts.

Have a wonderful weekend friends & enjoy all the cozy vibes!


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