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Your Very Own Christmas Tree Farm

Here at CCH, we sure do love bottle-brush Christmas trees. I love to style them differently throughout the season. Today I'll share a simple DIY that I shared a few years ago.

This season I've shared several ways to display your bottle brush trees. One of my favorites is a DIY (tap here to read how to make it below). I made one a few years ago, but I couldn't find a post on it. I must clarify the "we" usually stand for, I come up with the idea & the boyfriend makes it all happen. I am so happy that he has every tool I need or need for all my projects. I'll share pictures from a few years ago. I am using the same trees but with a different base. I love reusing what I already have; shop your home.

Here At CCH & Our Christmas Tree Farm

Tree farm
Our First Tree Farm Circa 2020

Here's what you'll need to make your very own forest.

You'll need a variety of bottle brush trees. I like to use a variety of different sizes, colors & textures. However, I plan to create the same base one for the winter with white & cream trees. A wood base, I like one with character. With the first one, we used a 2" x 4" wood that had nails throughout & was very rustic. For this one we went with a round piece of wood that looks like it was cut from a tree trunk. I came across this at a yard sale & the lady gave it to me as she saw no use for it. I've used it as a candle holder & recently as a riser that sat on our porch table for the past seasons. For tools, you'll need a drill, a drill bit, & snip. For the size of my trees, the boyfriend used two drill bits, 5/32 & 9/64.

Let's create.

You'll need to remove the base from the tree; you can do this with a pair of snips. Next, drill the holes in the wood base. We go with a smaller drill bit to ensure that the tree is snug. If you use the width or bigger of what your tree stem is, your tree will be a bit shaky; if this happens, you can add hot glue inside the hole & place your tree immediately in the hole. You'll want to drill deep enough to wear your tree sits & fits appropriately. That's it.

DIY Christmas Tree Farm


A simple DIY that can be reused & stored away easily every year. Let me know below if you will be creating one; I'd love to know.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Farm

I always appreciate you being here. I know this time of year, we're all busy with family & friends, events & decorating. So, it means the world to me that you take the time to stop by!

Have a lovely rest of the week & don't forget to share this post & CCH with family & friends!




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